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Home and Away: Justin is so desperate for drugs he contemplates licking drain juice


Justin has to die as soon as possible, but until then, I’ll continue to whine about how awful a person he is.

If you haven’t heard from Justin in a while, he isn’t on his deathbed, but the tumour in his spine may have returned, and he’s amassing quite a stock of painkillers, so either of those things may kill him. I’m not fussed either way, but his death is looming in my mind, plus there’s Leah and her curse of the dead husband.

Christian, who dumped his fiancée yesterday night, and Justin have been fighting for the title of worst bloke in Summer Bay for the past few days.

But I believe Justin may have just pushed things forwards with his newest comments.

Again, the victim is blamed.

First, he blames Leah for the stash, as she was the one who discovered it.

Justin replies to Leah, “You’re the one who told me to get on top of my medicine.”

I did as you requested, and now you’re slamming me.

I’m not going to be able to win this game.


Irene tries to console Leah as she dashes off to the diner and breaks down in tears. Instead, Leah finds solace in the first man who comes along — Stephen from the internet, who has also been duped by Susie, though it could be a dubious plan to dupe Leah again – and the two go for a wonderful stroll down the beach.

Channel 7 Credit: so cold

They’ve only met once, but Stephen isn’t shy about sharing his life story, including how he “spent too long nursing my wounds” after Susie did him wrong.

Stephen manages to circle back to Leah and Justin’s relationship and advises Leah that she must “fight” for Justin or Susie would win.

Is this some sort of honey trap?

Now we’re back at the Morgan house – no sight of Budget McDreamy or Tori, unfortunately – and Leah confronts Justin with the unpleasant matter.


Leah responds, You’ve been in this situation before.

I don’t usually relate with Justin, but I have no idea what Leah is implying because I’m unaware of anything that happened on the programme before to last year.

Do you believe I’m a junkie? Justin inquires.

It turns out Justin’s brother, Brody, was involved in some major drug activity, and Leah is concerned that this is something that runs in the family.

Justin tosses all of his pill packets into the sink and tries to force them down the drain with a rolling pin in a magnificent fit of obstinate wrath.

It’s a weird strategy, but I presume he’s hoping to save some pills by not removing them from the packet.


Justin unscrews the piping and appears to be about to lick the drain juice, which would be a low point for even Justin, but after peering into the drain, he decides against it.

Remove the addict.

Then he outdoes himself by firing Ziggy for undermining him by informing Leah about his outburst the week before.

Another Summer Bay resident is ejected. This article was written by Jeremy Greive.

Justin says, I trusted you with my business, and I can’t even trust you on the first day.

I’m going to make it incredibly easy for you to go to the gym whenever you want because you enjoy it so much. You’ve been fired.

So now almost everyone is unemployed, which isn’t a problem in Summer Bay.

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