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On Home and Away, he played the charming but misunderstood Ric Dalby, but now Mark Furze has a whole new profession.


Home and Away nostalgia is part of the Australian psyche, and the legendary soapie’s early 2000s era was particularly intriguing.

Mark Furze, 35, played the loving but occasionally misunderstood kid Ric Dalby in the legendary Noughties lineup, which also included Beau Ryan and Bec Hewitt.

Since his first appearance on the show in 2004, Mark’s character has evolved from a naughty, bad-tempered adolescent to a thoughtful good guy.

His character was well known for falling in love with Kassandra Clementi’s character, Maddy, who brought out the best in him.


Mark’s character, thankfully, avoided a catastrophic finish such as death or disgrace, and went on to live happily with Maddy in Perth.

Despite departing the programme in 2008, the star, who was nominated for two Logie Awards in the category of Most Popular Actor, has previously stated that he would be open to returning to Summer Bay.

Last year, the star told TV WEEK, “As far as I know, Ric is still living someplace, so I’d never say never.”

“On that show, I had the nicest time and formed some wonderful friendships,” Mark added.


He went on to say that he still keeps in touch with former co-star Todd Lasance, as well as Isabel Lucas and the “Hemsworth guys” on a regular basis.

“I spent nearly ten years in Los Angeles, but I only moved back to Sydney’s northern beaches a year ago, so I’m available for any employment that comes my way.”

Mark stated, “Home And Away was a really meaningful time in my life.”

The actor gained heartthrob status because to his clean-cut looks during his soap opera days. Mark is sporting a scruffy beard and a very bold head in the year 2021.


Mark now devotes as much time to music as he does to his acting profession.

He has three albums under his belt and has played with the rock band Shotgun Alley.

When he appeared on The Voice Australia last year, the actor demonstrated his vocal abilities.

Mark was placed on Guy Sebastian’s squad, and he did quite well on the show, making it to the semi-finals.

The actor-turned-singer confesses to being apprehensive about appearing on a reality show and showcasing his abilities.

Mark told us at the time, “I do feel a little vulnerable in putting myself out there on a reality TV show.”


“I had to really think about it.”

But the actor was determined to shed his Home And Away persona and reinvent himself as a singer.

“I’m eager to reacquaint myself with Australia. Ric will always be a part of my life – I’m still mistaken for him – but I’d like to present a different aspect of myself.”

“I’m aware that people will remember me as the guy from Home And Away,” Mark added, “but music is also a big part of who I am.”

Mark has gone on to perform Bon Jovi songs with his band Stonelove all throughout Australia after his tenure on the reality talent competition.

Since leaving Home And Away, his biggest-ticket item has been his involvement in the Underbelly series.

Mark, on the other hand, has lately been a part of a musical production called Chess The Musical, which has toured Australia extensively over the previous several months.

Surprisingly, the singer has also contributed to the creation of soundtracks for a variety of projects.

He collaborated on the Rebel video short in 2012 and contributed to the soundtrack for A Heartbeat Away in 2011.

Away from the stage, Mark is a devoted husband to Laural Furze, his stunning wife. The couple has been together for ten years and married in 2015. The couple frequently shares beautiful photos dedicated to one another on social media, and while they are usually quiet about their relationship, they revealed last year that they had experienced a miscarriage.

“I felt compelled to publish this since it doesn’t feel right to ignore such a significant life event. I want to honour it and be forthright about it “In a poignant Instagram post, Laurel stated.

“Another reason I felt compelled to share my storey is that women should feel more comfortable talking about pregnancy loss. I’m sure a number of you reading this have experienced something similar. It’s unpleasant, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of “she said.

“I’ve had a fantastic support system in place, and I couldn’t image doing this on my own. This week, Mark has been so lovely to me, and I am so fortunate to have a man like him at my side.”


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