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Home and Away: Felicity drops a bombshell on Tane and Alf struggles to mend Roo’s relationship with Martha


Tane is barely keeping it together this week, grieving his brother’s untimely death. Now, his rock-solid relationship with Felicity could be jeopardised if she makes her future plans public.

Tane (Ethan Browne) is back in Summer Bay after burying Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) in New Zealand on Home and Away. Shortly after the community paid tribute to him with a traditional Maori ritual, he and Nikau (Kawkawa Fox-Reo) left.

Before taking Ari’s coffin out, Tane and Nikau performed an impassioned haka in his honour. Mia (Anna Samson) continues to grapple with her loss as the Parata lads find closure at home.

Tane and Nikau, back at home, are aware of the void Ari has left in their lives. Mia can’t stand being inside the house. Tane understands that he must stand up for his family, but how? For love and comfort, he seeks for Felicity (Jacqui Purvis).


He discovers her dancing with headphones on at the caravan park. Tane’s mood is lifted by the vision, and he gladly embraces the woman he adores.

“Around Tane, Flick can be herself – loud, entertaining, and a little stubborn at times. With all of its flaws, “Jacqui explains to TV WEEK.

Tane bares his soul to Felicity in a heart-to-heart about losing Ari and what it means for his role in the family, as well as their financial burden. It’s been on his thoughts for a long time.

Felicity pays attention and lends a shoulder to cry on. Tane then regrets what Ari and Mia have lost, and explains that he sees Felicity as having a meaningful future with her. A home, a family, and a way of life.


Felicity smiles graciously on the outside, but fear creeps in on the inside. Is this what she’s looking for?

“For Flick, this is a watershed moment,” Jacqui explains. “She panics as her dread of commitment grows.”

Felicity seeks guidance from her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright). She isn’t sure she wants children because of their difficult upbringing. Tane, on the other hand, she is aware of.

“If she tells him,” Jacqui continues, “he might not want to remain with her.” “Flick has the potential to sabotage this relationship by getting in her own way.”


She bravely tells Tane the truth, with some help from Cash. She may never desire to have children or marry.

Tane recoils and urges her to leave right away: He says, “I can’t do this.”

Oh no! Is this the end of Felicity and Tane’s relationship?

Alf is caught up in his family’s squabbles

This week may finally yield some positive outcomes in the Stewart family’s difficult quest to heal their differences.

Alf (Ray Meagher) chooses to pay a visit to Martha (Belinda Giblin) in Merimbula, and he invites his daughter Roo (Georgie Parker). She declines, stating that she is not yet ready to play happy families.

Martha refused to take Roo’s kidney in a life-or-death transplant earlier this year, and as a result, her grave health is deteriorating. Roo believes she has simply given up on her life and the people she cares about.


Alf tries to get Roo to mend fences, but his attempts only make things worse. Justin (James Stewart) tries to help the couple by advising Alf to use a gentler approach. He then advises Roo to make every day matter, stating that Ari’s untimely demise demonstrated the value of life.

Alf tries to persuade Roo once again at the Surf Club, but she refuses. Exasperated, he departs towards Merimbula. John (Shane Withington), who is close, then admits that he understands Martha’s position because he, too, would not put his children in danger.

Roo is taken aback. Perhaps she’s been mistaken the whole time…

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