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Home and Away spoilers: Theo is in Deep trouble again – read more about the reason!


After the boys’ video challenges culminated in Ryder almost dying during a ‘Buried Alive’ hoax, feelings are still raw between Justin (James Stewart), Theo (Matt Evans), Alf (Ray Meagher), Ryder (Lukas Radovich), and Roo (Georgie Parker). Ryder ran out of oxygen in his underground box after Theo fell down a ravine and was trapped overnight, and was discovered unconscious the next day by a terrified Roo and Justin.

With Ryder barely surviving after being rushed to the hospital, Alf focuses his wrath on Theo, who has escaped the trauma with only an injured ankle. Theo and Justin are adamant that Ryder entered the challenges of his own free will – and that once he wakes up, Ryder will agree – but Alf is convinced that Theo manipulated his grandson.

Justin is eager to mend fences and approaches Roo outside the Diner after the tensions have subsided. Alf, on the other hand, approaches and is not pleased to see the two men conversing with his daughter. His rage reaches boiling point once more, and he lashes out at Theo in public. Later, Justin confronts Alf at his house, saying he needs to watch the videos himself to realise Ryder and Theo were equally responsible. Alf retaliates by evicting Justin from the residence.

The next day, Alf goes to the police station and tells Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) that he wants to charge Theo with attempted murder. Cash, on the other hand, agrees with everyone else: the videos show that both boys were equally involved, and being an idiot isn’t a crime! Alf refuses to let up and devises a new method of punishing Theo.


John (Shane Withington) is working late when Alf shows up at the Surf Club. He asks John to dig up the file on the stolen Polaris, and John is taken aback. What does Alf have in mind?

He is obligated to obey his boss, but he warns Justin. The next day, Theo has just gotten into his car when the cops arrive — he’s been arrested for vehicle theft…

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