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Home and Away fans call out strange detail in important episode: ‘Something wrong’


In what Seven dubbed the wedding of the year, Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin Morgan (James Stewart) of Home and Away got married this year. Despite Leah’s three prior marriages on the soap opera, people were enthralled with the wedding craze.

On the wedding certificate that Leah and Justin signed, several fans have noticed an odd error: the date is shown as 2023 rather than 2024. They claimed something was “wrong” when they posted a picture of the item in a Facebook group called Home and Away.

Despite the fact that the show shoots five to six months ahead of schedule, the wedding episode wasn’t broadcast until April 9, 2024. This indicates that someone in the props department most likely committed a mistake by failing to inquire as to when the program would air on television.

A other admirer noticed that the wedding certificate was null and void because the day and month were missing.


One user commented, “[They] should have changed the date to coincide as [it was] filmed in 2023 but shown this year.”

“John has not signed this certificate after the date, and it is incomplete without the day and month.” Another said, “As they frequently take place without providing the celebrant with 30 days’ notice, none of the weddings on this show adhere to legal protocol.”

“Being anything but basic… however, that’s when it had to have been [filmed] rather than broadcast,” a third person said.

“We are viewing [filmed] episodes from six months ago. Thus, 2023,” said a second person.


Some supporters became irritated with viewers “nitpicking” and identifying issues with the marriage certificate after reading over 100 comments regarding the error.

One commenter wrote, “Obviously, it’s a TV show, so it’s a fake certificate.”

Another person questioned, “Seriously, your life is so boring you screenshotted a TV’s prop to prove what?”

One third said, “Geez, is that all someone is worried about and has nothing better to do with their time?”


They don’t really matter, though. Does that then matter? A wedding certificate won’t be genuine because [it’s] not real life, an additional person said.

Ada Nicodemou and James Stewart’s actual romance
This follows the two celebrities who got married on film going public with their romance this year off-screen. The characters played by Ada Nicodemou and James Stewart have been getting close since 2019, but at the time, the individuals were involved in other relationships.

Although James appears to be infatuated with Ada right now, it’s unknown how serious their relationship is as James has a tendency to date his co-stars.

On the filming of Packed to the Rafters in 2007, James got to know Jessica Marais. The pair was previously engaged but called it quits in 2015. They share a daughter, Scout.

He dated Isabella Giovinazzo, a co-star on Home and Away, from 2016 to 2017, however they parted up after she moved out of Summer Bay.

After that, in 2017, he started dating Sarah Roberts, his co-star on Home and Away, and the two became engaged in late 2018. After Sarah left the program in 2021, the couple remained happy together after getting married in 2019. But in 2024, they made their divorce public.


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