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Home and Away confirms killer’s fate in latest Australian episode


The resolution to the terrible death plot of Stevie Marlow has been aired on Home and Away.

This week, Australia watched the last scenes of Stevie, as her violent stalker Sidney Wickham followed her down in the Bay after being set free.

feature star Stevie was shot and killed in horrifying scenes while filming All Our Tomorrows, her latest feature, on location at a beach.

Sidney committed the horrible crime and then ran from the scene. Bree Cameron and Levi Fowler, the hospital’s medical staff, were unable to save Stevie’s life despite her rapid arrival.


The next person in danger was Stevie’s bodyguard Cash Newman in Wednesday’s episode, which aired on Australian television on May 29. He discovered Sidney waiting for him at home.

Sidney continued to carry a gun, thus Cash had no choice but to comply with his demands in order to have assurance over Stevie’s future.

Because of a media blackout, word of the shooting had not broken, and Sidney was worried that he had “failed” in his terrible plan to kill Stevie.

Although a distraught Cash begged him to accept that Stevie had really died, the villain insisted on remaining at the residence until there was formal verification.


Luckily, Cash outmuscled Sidney when the gunman was sidetracked by Eden Fowler’s arrival at the residence.

When it became clear to Eden that Cash had been speaking the truth about Stevie’s fate, he called the police, who arrested Sidney for murder. Sidney then began to celebrate his “victory” in a disgusting way.

After a harrowing twenty-four hours in the Bay, there were a number of fallout from Stevie’s passing.

Remi Carter, Stevie’s boyfriend, angrily accused Cash of failing in his responsibility as her bodyguard and held him accountable for what had transpired.


It turned out that Sidney’s release had really resulted from a mistrial, which occurred after an individual involved ‘liked’ a social media post and caused the case to be thrown off course. Unfortunately, Cash didn’t find out about Sidney’s release until it was too late to shield Stevie.

In the end, Cash received a call to come into town for a meeting with the security firm that had taken on Stevie’s case three months prior. Will they accept Remi’s assessment that Cash is at fault, or will Cash escape punishment?

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