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Home and Away fans spot blunder in Justin and Leah’s wedding storyline


Fans of Home and Away have pointed out an error in the marriage plot between Justin Morgan and Leah Patterson.

The pair wed in scenes that aired last month, but fans have pointed out an inaccuracy in a photograph of what appears to be a prop wedding certificate that has been circulating online (via Yahoo).

The wedding is dated to 2023 in the crucial in-universe document, not 2024 as shown on screen. This could be because filming was done about six months ahead of schedule.

“Being anything but basic… however, that’s when it had to have been [filmed] and not broadcast,” a Facebook user commented.


Another person said, “[It was] filmed in 2023 but shown this year; [they] should have amended the date to coincide.”

“We are watching episodes [filmed] six months ago,” a third person said. Thus, 2023 is the date.”

Actor Ada Nicodemou of Leah talked candidly last month about the largely drama-free wedding—especially in light of the couple’s past marital difficulties.

We truly wanted a lovely, traditional wedding, and that’s what it is. I simply wanted it to be like a lovely wedding, and that’s exactly what occurred,” she said to 7News.


The celebrity continued to compliment the partnership, highlighting the fact that they “laugh a lot and are a really good team”.

“It’s a really nice adult relationship, there’s not a lot of angst,” she said. “I believe they genuinely support one another, having been through far too much together. To her, he sings! It’s ideal—she sings, she cooks.”

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