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Home and Away cast heap praise on Emily Weir after Mac’s downward spiral


Following Emily Weir’s character Mackenzie Booth’s downward slide, the cast of Home and Away has lavished accolades on her.

The Summer Bay resident has been going through a rough patch when her lover Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams) ditched her, only to find out she was pregnant and then lose the baby due to an ectopic pregnancy.

Emily’s co-stars have paid respect to her for her depiction of Ziggy, who just kissed her best friend Ziggy’s boyfriend Tane Parata (Ethan Browne), and whose downward spiral is sure to continue.

“I got to hang with the divine, witty, generous, active, hard working @weir.emily today,” Roo Stewart actress Georgie Parker posted on Instagram on Thursday (June 3).


“I know Mack’s character is going through a difficult period, but this is a timely reminder that it’s just a fantasy.” “Our Em is a good egg.”

Patrick O’Connor and Sam Frost, both from Home and Away, responded in the comments.

“She’s the finest,” Patrick stated, adding, “And we adore you, Em.” You’re doing an incredible job!! “I’m very proud of you.”

Emily previously told Digital Spy about the difficult storyline: “There’s a lot of sadness.


“Everything was fine until her partner departed, she discovered she was pregnant, her partner went into a coma, he was reunited with his ex, and she lost her baby.

“So there are all these catastrophic catastrophes that occur, and the pressure cooker’s release explodes. Because she doesn’t feel worthy and is in so much agony, she falls into a downward spiral in which she self-destructs, pushes everyone close to her away, and severs links with many critical relationships in her life.”

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