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Home and Away airs departure of Mercedes Da Silva


Mercedes Da Silva left Home and Away in the Australian episode that aired tonight, seven weeks after she originally appeared.

Although the UK won’t witness the introduction of the new character Mercedes until next Friday, Australian viewers have already seen her leave Summer Bay after recording her final studio session with Lyrik and conceding defeat in her bid to win Remi (Adam Rowlands) over.

Actress Amali Golden made her debut in Episode 8045, which aired in Australia on May 25, 2023. This is her final appearance.

Mercedes, a classically trained musician, arrived in town as a result of Remi’s invitation. Remi wanted to find a method to assist Lyrik in winning the Battle of the Bands tournament and its $20,000 cash prise.


Remi knew Mercedes from the band’s era before to Summer Bay and believed that her accomplished violinist abilities would give Lyrik’s tunes a competitive edge.

He didn’t expect Mercedes to stand in the way of his relationship with girlfriend Bree (Juliet Godwin).

Mercedes’ visit didn’t impress Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), who told Bree that since the violinist had once attempted to whisk Remi away to a rival band, Eden had never been able to trust her.

When Bree observed a spark between Remi and Mercedes and realised how ecstatic Remi was to have Mercedes back in his life, she soon began to have her own worries. Bree’s envy of Mercedes and their shared love of music grew despite Remi’s assurances that they had just ever been friends.


Bree eventually addressed Mercedes after it became clear that she was flirting and assured her that she knew what she was doing. Instead of disputing it, Mercedes retaliated with a harsh statement.

Mercedes spit back, saying, “And I have no idea what he’s doing with you,” claiming the two lacked any common ground.

Mercedes was impossible to get rid of, especially once she was able to obtain the contact information of a significant music producer. The producer gave Lyrik some free studio time after some convincing, and the band’s goal of creating an album was finally being realised.

Mercedes made the choice to stay behind after their initial recording session, claiming she needed to redo one of her tunes. Remi consented to stay with her, and soon after that, she pursued him.


Mercedes was immediately pushed away by Remi, and despite her refusal to acknowledge his disinterest, she soon vanished from view.

Remi chose to keep the kiss a secret from Bree despite Eden’s advise.

A week later, Remi was forced to go to Mercedes’ hotel room in an effort to persuade her to accompany them in the recording studio because Lyrik’s next studio session was about to begin.

Mercedes remarked, still holding out hope that he was interested in her, “I don’t hear from you for a week, and now here you are, sitting on my bed, in my motel room.” “A girl might misinterpret messages!”

Mercedes was resistant to Remi’s attempts to persuade her that he only saw her as a friend and that he was in love with Bree. Despite wanting to carry on the talk there, she agreed to go to the recording studio.

Remi was unfortunate because Bree, who was growing more paranoid, came to the studio that evening to check on her boyfriend.


Mercedes insisted, unaware that Bree was hearing their chat through the glass. “Remi, I kissed you because I wanted to,” Mercedes said.

Remi tried to explain why he had kept the kiss a secret when Bree questioned him, but he admitted that he had pushed Mercedes away right away. Bree grappled with the notion that Remi had lied to her after years of cruelty and deceit from her ex-husband Jacob, and she almost ended their relationship.

Mercedes was criticised by Bree earlier this week for being unrepentant and for continuing to find it hard to comprehend that Remi was interested in someone so different from him.

Remi would return to what he is familiar with, Mercedes insisted. Which is all we share, even myself.

Bree replied, “You share nothing compared to what we’ve been through,” but she would not expand.

Mercedes’ opinion was finally influenced by Eden during a chat when he alluded to Bree and Remi’s tragic experiences at the start of the year and how they helped to forge an unbreakable bond between them.

“They went through hell to get to where they are right now,” Eden said.

Mercedes finally gave up and made the decision to leave Summer Bay, even though Lyrik had one last recording session scheduled for the next night.

In the last moments of Wednesday’s episode, Bree followed Mercedes into Salt and pleaded with her to change her mind about leaving.

Bree attempted to persuade Mercedes to record with the band one last time on Thursday’s episode, but her efforts were ignored.

Bree was sorry and wished she had postponed confronting Mercedes about the kiss until after the last recording session when she went back to the Lyrik home and saw Remi.

Remi reassured her that she needn’t worry because the other band members would be quite fine recording without their newest member.

We’ll be fine, we were a real band before Mercedes.

The following day, when Mercedes entered the venue and said that she would indeed perform, the two were taken aback.

“We both know that this album needs my magic touch,” she remarked with a smile. “So, are we doing this, or what?”

Mercedes glanced back at Bree as the two made their way to the recording studio, and Bree gave a sincere “thank you” in response.

Later that evening, Remi and Mercedes came back after their last session while Bree was in her bed. Mercedes informed Remi that she wouldn’t be attending the record premiere after he praised her and promised to let her know about it.

Mercedes informed them that she must leave and that this is her farewell as Bree entered the living area.

Mercedes turned to leave after instructing Bree to take care of Remi, but Remi stopped her, saying, “That’s not how I say goodbye.”

Bree smiled as she saw the embrace between the two, now feeling secure in the knowledge that Remi has nothing but friendship for Mercedes.

Mercedes’ helmet was in the kitchen when Bree and Remi opened their eyes the following morning. Before Bree noticed a message attached to the helmet, Remi had initially believed that she must have returned during the night and was preparing to search for her.

The note explained that Mercedes had travelled for Europe and had entrusted Remi with caring for her beloved motorcycle while she was abroad. Remi appeared happy.

Bree informed Remi of her feelings on motorcycles, but she didn’t appear like she was going to stop him from using it when she advised him to avoid becoming a patient at the hospital.

Amali Golden shared a number of behind-the-scenes photos from her stay in Summer Bay on Instagram a few weeks before she left, writing: “Mercedes + some lovely H&A BTS has been a lot of fun stirring up a lil drama in the Bay. But behind the scenes, everything is happy.

In one of the pictures, she and Juliet Godwin were shown grinning after one of Mercedes’ final scenes, and the caption read “Couple of happy chappies.”

Head of hair and cosmetics for Home and Away, Laura Vazquez, said: “Beautiful!! You’re amazing, @amaligolden I miss you. Give Cupcake a hug for me; I miss laughing with you.

Amali Golden on Instagram is @amaligolden.

All of Amali’s on-screen friends gave their own remarks:

The largest smiles, according to Julet Godwin. Stephanie Panozzo posted “Yeeeoowwww,” Angelina Thompson added “MY GIRRRRLLLL,” and Adam Rowland added “Onya Mercedes.”

Mercedes’ exit marks a guest character’s third this week. On Tuesday, Andrew Lawrence (Joshua Hewson) and his half-sister Tegan (Sophia Forrest) departed the programme.

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