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Hollyoaks star Annie Wallace criticises Neighbours’ tragic death story


Annie Wallace of Hollyoaks has slammed Neighbours for not giving Mackenzie Hargreaves a happy ending.

Mackenzie, played by Georgie Stone, is the first transgender character on the Ramsay Street drama, and she recently married the love of her life, Hendrix Greyson, on UK television.

Mackenzie, on the other hand, will be heartbroken in subsequent scenes when her spouse passes away after a lung transplant.

Annie slammed Mack’s choice on Twitter, claiming that he had succumbed to the “tragic trans” television stereotype.


She tweeted, “Yay… let’s give this young, lovely trans woman a happy ending.” “Then we’ll assassinate her husband of only a few weeks. Once again, the ‘tragic trans’ trope rears its ugly head.”

Wallace is pointing to the age-old misconception that LGBTQ+ characters’ story arcs are rooted in sorrow, similar to the well-known ‘Bury Your Gays’ cliche.

She later wrote, “I’m still unhappy about this.” “The programme is coming to a close, and Neighbours couldn’t bring itself to give them a happy ending. That is something that trans individuals are entitled to as well. Let’s have a look at that, shall we?”

In reaction to Annie’s criticisms, Shane Isheev, the soap’s story editor, turned to Twitter to address her concerns.


Shane added that if the programme hadn’t been cancelled, there were plans for Mack to have a happy ending.

“Because we were losing the actor, this was planned before we knew the show was ending. Georgie, on the other hand, wanted Mack to get the full soap experience “He sent out a tweet.

“Trust me, if we had persisted, Mack would have found love again and lived happily ever after.”

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