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Find out what happens on next week on neighbours


Next week on Neighbours, Harlow has a family reunion — and even some holiday romance – in London.

Roxy and Kyle, on the other hand, experience a sad setback.

Here are 12 spoilers for next week’s episode of Neighbours.

1. Leo mulls over a tempting proposition

When Terese and Chloe discovered that fashion superstar Montana seemed to have eyes for Leo, they immediately asked him to try to win her over so that Lassiters could secure fashion week.


But no one expected Montana to propose to Leo for a night together in exchange for the contract, and he will agonise over his decision next week.

Will Leo stick to his principles, or will the allure of Montana be too much to resist?

2. Harlow arrives in London

Harlow boarded a ticket to London to avoid the Ned-shaped uneasiness at home.

Next week, she reunites with her Aunt Harriet (played by Amanda Holden, with Sophie Ellis-Bextor as well), and the two bond through her mother’s diaries.


Harlow, on the other hand, is upset when she discovers that they have misplaced it while out and about, and that no amount of retracing their steps can help them recover it. Harlow has no idea that the diary is closer than she thinks.

3. Ned’s attention is becoming increasingly diverted

While Harlow is in London trying not to think about Ned, the guy in Erinsborough is having trouble putting her out of his thoughts — and Amy is starting to notice.

While Amy chalks it up to their previous discussion about having a kid, a text from Harlow on Ned’s phone causes Amy to be concerned.

Amy tells Ned they need to chat because she’s been on the phone with London and claims Harlow has told her everything… Ned is taken aback.


4. What is Harriet trying to hide?

Harlow is taken aback when she goes to locate Harriet and discovers that she has been keeping onto the diary all along. Harlow is furious that she was lied to, and a guilty Harriet is compelled to reveal the truth.

Harriet reveals that The Order is desperate to get its hands on the diary and has offered a huge sum of money in exchange. Will Harlow be able to forgive Harriet, and what does the cult want with Prue’s memories?

5. Kyle puts an end to Roxy’s plans for a party

As Roxy prepares to take a pregnancy test, Kyle is nervous, so the last thing he needs is a party to see them find out the results – but that’s exactly what Roxy has planned.

Kyle tries unsuccessfully to persuade Roxy that it is a bad idea, so he pulls the plug behind her back. While she is unhappy with him, they eventually make up and prepare to take the test, but they are in for some bad news.

6. In London, Harlow catches someone’s eye

Harlow is at a loss for what to do with the diary now that he has it back. She meets up with Corey, the guy she met when she booked into the hotel, for a distraction, and it quickly becomes evident that there is a spark between them.

Corey also gives Harlow advice on how to dispose of the diary, advising her to burn it. Is there a holiday romance between Harlow and Corey?


7. Roxy and Kyle had to deal with some bad news

Kyle and Roxy are devastated to find that they are not expecting a child, but even worse news arrives almost immediately. Kyle’s sperm sample was destroyed in a lab accident, and now that they know they aren’t pregnant, it appears like their dream has come crumbling down around them.

Their despair, on the other hand, prompts them to consider a fresh start when Gemma advises that they migrate to Darwin. Is Kyle, on the other hand, as eager to travel as Roxy?

8. Concerns over Paul’s homecoming Terese

Paul has returned from Brisbane and appears to be a completely different person, or at least that is the image he is giving his family.

Paul appears to be taking a back seat during fashion week, content to let Terese lead, but she is apprehensive that his demeanour is really a ruse and that the real Paul will emerge.

Terese subsequently discovers that he has scheduled lunch with Montana, and while he claims it is only to make a good impression, she suspects he is up to his old games.

9. Kiri’s action ruffles feathers

Glen is taken aback when he discovers that Leo has hired his secret daughter Kiri to work at the vineyard next week – and he becomes very anxious when he finds that she is moving into the spare room at number 24.

Meanwhile, Nicolette is hoping that Kiri’s relocation to the neighbourhood would provide her with a second chance to make a good impression. But things are about to get much more difficult when Kiri starts dating Chloe – will Nic and Chloe be fighting over the same girl?

10. Curtis is able to assist Shannon

Curtis didn’t get a warm greeting from Shannon when he told her about her hearing loss, but he’ll have a breakthrough next week if he can persuade her to get aid.

Shannon is hesitant to acquire a hearing aid, but Curtis persuades her that it will help her bond with Aubrey, so she agrees. Curtis is ecstatic that he was able to use his own experiences to aid someone else, and the two become closer than before.

11. Leo must make a difficult decision

As the week progresses, Leo’s agreement with Montana becomes more problematic, as when he tries to back out of meeting up with her, she makes it plain that he does not have that option.

Leo confides in David, and his brother informs him that he has no choice but to break up with Montana, but Montana remains unyielding, and Leo is at a loss for what to do. Will he be able to get rid of her without jeopardising Lassiters’ large contract?

12. David recognises that his struggles are far from ended

David gives himself a chance to breathe now that Aaron is home from the hospital and his rehabilitation is progressing well, and he hopes that the drama of the last several weeks is finally behind him.

Freya, too, feels as though a turning point has been reached, and the two of them begin to see life in a more positive light.

When David returns to work, though, he is shocked to discover a message that reads, “I know what you did.” Gareth’s situation appears to be far from ended…

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