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EXCLUSIVE: Rob Mills takes us inside Neighbours final days


Even though Rob Mills was murdered off Neighbours in 2020, he continued to be featured in the show’s final episodes.

The adored Australian soap opera was cancelled in March after its British network opted to drop it from its schedule, taking a sizeable portion of money with it.

Rob appeared to be a part of the explosive finale, which would bring actors like Guy Pearce, Jason Donovan, and Kylie Minogue back to Melbourne for one more performance.

He told WHO, “My shoot was out on Ramsay Street.”


It was their final day of shooting on Pin Oak Court or Ramsay Street. It was quite emotional. I snapped so many pictures.

It was fantastic; Scotty Major, the director, is a fantastic performer who rose to fame through the Neighbours series. It was nice having him in charge, said Rob.

The call sheet was literally hundreds of individuals long. I’ve never seen so many people on a set.

He laughed and said, “I believe even the EP found himself a job as the ice cream guy, which I thought was kind of cool.


“What a gorgeous day it was. I feel incredibly fortunate and pleased to have been a part of this historic moment in Australian television.

Even while the specifics of the last episode are closely guarded, we anticipate seeing a large number of characters return for the dramatic conclusion, even if only in cameo roles.

Rob is currently concentrating on a couple other projects now that Neighbours is behind him. In addition to playing Link Larkin in an upcoming Hairspray production, he has been working on a memoir that also addresses mental health.

In order to promote mental health and suicide prevention, he is also supporting Movember by taking on The Push-Up Challenge, which requires him to perform 3,139 pushups in the entire month of June.


“There will be 3,139 push-ups to symbolise the 3,139 persons who will commit suicide in 2020, which is… Seven individuals commit suicide every day in this country, which is a horrifying statistic.

After struggling with suicide thoughts after leaving Australian Idol, Rob has become a great advocate for mental health awareness and is committed to ensuring that people have access to care.

I believe there is awareness; the question is, “How do we implement these initiatives [in] the greatest way possible?”

“I wrote the book, in part, to have a conversation with people about how we might make that a reality.

It’s quite thrilling since I got to speak with some beautiful, intelligent folks… I’m just asking a bunch of questions, including how men handle the post-Me Too period, the state of the planet, and what it means to be an Australian male.

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