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EXCLUSIVE: Meet the new medic in Summer Bay as Juliet Godwin joins Home And Away


You can always count on the neighbourhood doctor to come to the rescue when trouble arises in Summer Bay, whether it’s by lending a helping hand or giving grateful locals medical advice.
Newcomer Juliet Godwin, who will don a stethoscope and a surfboard in upcoming episodes of Home And Away, is right in the middle of the action.
The actress, who was born in Zimbabwe and reared in Perth, Washington, alludes to “trouble” awaiting Bree Cameron. But it’s still unclear what exactly it is.
The 28-year-old talks about what’s to come with TV WEEK.

Greetings from Summer Bay! How did you become involved with the programme?
I’m grateful. After reading Bree’s character description and receiving the audition request from my agency, I was quite eager to record my audition. I had the good fortune to be selected for the job after being called back for a second round of auditions.
Describe your character for us.
Bree is a friendly, sympathetic doctor who enjoys a good laugh. She is gentle, thoughtful, yet as sharp as a whip. She was born and reared in Newcastle, New South Wales. Bree is dedicated to her work and thinks that by working hard and showing compassion, she can assist others who are in need.

Why does Bree arrive in Summer Bay?
She needs a new beginning, so when a position opens up in the Yabbie Creek emergency room, she seizes the opportunity. Summer Bay seemed to be the ideal laid-back community, similar to Newcastle, where she may continue to assist those in need and surf whenever she pleases. She first fits in well at the Bay since she enjoys her new home, the great surf, and the kind inhabitants. But as the weeks pass, we find that Bree’s narrative has a bit more to it.

Does she have any local contacts?
No, but she is eager to slow down and integrate into the neighbourhood.
Do you like the fact that Bree is a doctor as well as a surfer girl?
I adore that about her! Given that my spouse enjoys surfing a lot, I’ve recently started taking up the sport myself. So getting in the water as Bree has been wonderful.


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