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Will new romance blossom between Theo and Kirby on Home And Away?


Theo is thrilled after his first performance outside of town. But when he and Kirby discover themselves having a hot moment, the thrill increases even more!
This week, Kirby (Angelina Thomson) invites Theo (Matt Evans) over for dinner so they can talk about the band Lyrik with Remi (Adam Rowland) and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo). Even if he isn’t quite sure, the songwriter thinks Theo could be the key to getting into the music business.

When Theo arrives for dinner, he is shocked to see Kirby by himself. Remi and Eden turned down the supper in favour of going to a party. Despite not knowing each other all that well, they connect and have a good time.
After Bob, played by Rob Mallett, quit the group, the band had the difficult task of selecting a replacement, and they were shocked when Theo entered the room, according to Angelina, speaking to TV WEEK.

“Kirby and Theo have a strong relationship because of their shared love of music.”
Night quickly gives way to daylight. They’ve been playing and writing tunes all night. Justin (James Stewart) becomes anxious at home. How is Theo doing?

In recent episodes, Justin has worried that Theo’s band obligations will interfere with his academic pursuits. Going out to perform could make it worse right now.
Theo and Kirby are currently enjoying their popularity after penning a brand-new tune! Theo is drawn in by Kirby for a hug, and they pause before exchanging kisses. Is a fresh romance just beginning?


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