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Everything we know about Home And Away star Ethan Browne’s bond with his teen daughter Aaylah



Since making his debut as Tane Parata at the beginning of 2020, Ethan Browne’s Summer Bay journey has been closely watched by Home And Away viewers.
The 30-year-old is far from an eyesore and has swiftly become one of the program’s most adored heartthrobs, so when we say hungry eyes, we really mean it.
While Ethan keeps his personal life much more under wraps, his Summer Bay character Tane has had a very stormy first year on screen and, unsurprisingly, similarly volatile romance storylines.
Fans might have been shocked to find that the New Zealander’s daughter, Aaylah, is 14 years old.

Over the 2020 holiday season, Ethan posted stunning video to Instagram of the moment he reunited with Aaylah, who was completely unaware of his arrival.
“after being apart for nearly a year, surprising my kid. A moment I had long envisioned and fantasised about, “Ethan gave his post a caption.
“The difficult part of this stretch is beyond words. It’s inexplicable and beyond description. Our capacity to travel freely and physically be with our loved ones has been taken away by COVID.”

The actor expressed his happiness at being reunited with his daughter, Aaylah, despite the fact that she appears to reside in New Zealand while Ethan is working on the Home And Away set in Australia.
“But because love is a spiritual force, the separation and passing of time have only deepened our relationship. Our hearts are once again full because we are here and now “In the heartfelt reunion video, he wrote.
“I send all of my love and strength to the parents who have lost contact with their kids as a result of this year’s events and to everyone who won’t be able to spend Christmas with their loved ones. You are my entire heart to my daughter. My life, my love, and my angel.”

When Ethan had his daughter Aaylah, he was just 16 years old. According to his NIDA profile, this event marked a “major turning point” in his life.
While Ethan doesn’t often talk about his daughter in public, in September 2022, the young father shared a heartfelt remembrance of Aaylah, whose 14th birthday coincided with Father’s Day.
“Happy 14th birthday to my lovely daughter, Aaylah,” he said alongside a collection of father-daughter pictures taken in his native New Zealand. “Truly grateful to have spent both Father’s Day and her birthday together,” he added.


He turned his attention away from acting. Ethan decided to pursue a profession in civil engineering instead because he wanted to provide for his family. This decision finally lead him to a position in Brisbane and back to his acting passion.
Ethan has said that people in his New Zealand hometown of Wairoa “frowned upon” performing.
“I grew up in a tiny rural community where rugby culture was prevalent. A man wouldn’t perform in the theatre, “He gave the Daily Telegraph an explanation last year.
“In high school, I wanted to do it, but the males didn’t approve; in that atmosphere, it wasn’t the tough, manly thing to do. To truly try it out, I had to wait till I was in Australia and no one knew who I was “Added he.

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