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Emmerdale spoilers: Two terrifying attacks, baby tragedy and a villager leavers


The episode of Emmerdale airing the following week features horrible violence and a trauma that will change your life.

Craig (Karen Blick) seems to be a nice friend to Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick), therefore she is glad to have him back in her life.

Lydia has complete faith in him when they share their thoughts about their lost child, but he is going to betray her in the worst way.

Craig puts himself on Lydia and rapes her in gruesome scenes, shattering her world and making her feel alone and afraid.


Lydia has a terrifying secret that has changed her life forever and she has chosen to keep it to herself.

Another incident occurs elsewhere in the hamlet, and Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper), who is scared to see Tom King (James Chase) being brutally beaten by thugs, is the victim.

Is justice going to be served when she contacts the police?

Bridges between Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and Caleb Miligan (William Ash) are now being constructed.


On Monday, September 4, Lydia and Sam are left perplexed when Craig unexpectedly returns to Wishing Well. He wants to talk to Lydia about their past because he wants to address the elephant in the room.

She hesitantly volunteers to drive him to where their infant is interred. Craig and Lydia later consider their baby’s life as they stand over the spot where his ashes were scattered.

When they look back on their lives, it is evident that their common sadness has brought them together. Upon their return, Lydia and Craig have an intense exchange. We wonder where her rekindled relationship with Craig will go as she keeps the almost-kiss from Sam, who is unaware of it.

Caleb makes an effort to mediate a settlement between Nate and Cain. When Caleb presents a fresh idea, their interest is piqued. Caleb offers Cain, Nate, and Nicky form a partnership to run the driving company.


Nate appears interested, but Cain is obviously not persuaded. Despite their previous animosity, it appears like the two are finally moving in the right direction.

September 5th, Tuesday

At Home Farm, Lydia shouts at Kim out of anxiety before telling Craig about her intense moment. Soon Lydia submits her resignation at Craig’s office, but she falters when he highlights how much their recent relationship has meant to him.

She retracts her resignation but questions whether it was the correct move. Lydia is horrified when Craig starts to force himself on her and soon discloses his genuine affections for her.

After being raped by Craig, Lydia is in such complete shock that she is unable to comprehend what has just happened. Lydia is completely broken as Craig drives her home. Lydia makes an excuse and goes upstairs.

Lydia stifles a call from Craig and tears in silence as the hot water from the shower covers her. Lydia decides to conceal her pain by putting the clothes she was wearing when she was raped away.


With a sip from the Dingle welly, Caleb formally joins the family. A wonderful family gathering comes to an end later that evening. When her brothers start cleaning up, Chas is glad to see them cooperating.

Cain and Caleb begin to reunite as they clean up. When Cain says he won’t fully rule out starting a business with him, Caleb is delighted.

Amelia tells Noah the truth about her worries about being alone and takes a choice.

When Tom says he’s looking for a new place and Belle finds out it might be outside the community, she becomes uneasy. Then, Tom and Dawn converse about their individual homelife difficulties while flirting just a little bit at the Vets.

When Tom decides to remain late at work with Dawn later that day, Belle is surprised to discover a touch of chemistry between them.

on September 6th, Wednesday
Following the party last night, Caleb is amused when Cain asks him to assist with chores at the garage.

When Dawn and a veterinary emergency interrupt Belle’s appointment with Tom, she becomes discouraged.

September 7th, Thursday

When Tom arrives at the vets in his flashy new automobile, Belle is displeased when she sees him offer to drive pregnant Dawn about in it.

Later, in an effort to make amends, Dawn asks Belle, who is reluctant, to bring Tom along with her and Billy on a double date, but tensions quickly build. Tom follows Belle out the door as she gets a call from a veterinarian.

When Tom is about to depart with his vet bag, a scally approaches him and demands his car keys. When Tom tries to hold his position, a second scally kicks him and hits him in the head before snatching his car.

After the assault, Belle locates him and contacts the police.

Charles is relieved to be leaving as he packs his bag for a retreat.

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