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A look back at all the high-profile men Sam Frost has dated – even the ones you forgot about!


She had fallen in love and had her heart broken in front of the entire country.

However turbulent Sam Frost’s love life has become over the years, we are all fixated on the beautiful Australian TV mainstay ultimately finding happiness.

And Sam stated in March 2022 that she had fallen in love with Jordie Hansen, a Survivor contestant who also happens to be her little brother Alex’s best friend!

Before meeting the 25-year-old, Sam had written a number of well-known romances. What fortunate guys have entered and exited the former Home and Away star’s dating life, then?


Continue reading to meet Sam’s previous lovers.

Blake Garvey

In the season two finale of The Bachelor, Blake Garvey chose Sam Frost. However, he quickly earned the title of most despised man in Australia after he ditched her for the second runner-up Louise Pillidge shortly after the broadcast aired. But Sam ended up having the last laugh when the dumped reality star went on to become the first Bachelorette in the nation. In the meantime, Blake and Louise ended their relationship in April 2016.

Sasha Mielczarek


When Sam Frost chose the ruggedly attractive Sasha Mielczarek in the 2015 Bachelorette season finale, hearts warmed. The happily ever after was short-lived, as they announced their high-profile romance’s breakup 18 months later.

Michael Turnbull

On The Bachelorette, a lot of guys vied for Sam’s affection. But controversial former soccer player Michael Turnbull came the closest to winning before finishing as runner-up, breaking his heart. Unlucky-in-love Later, as he continued his hunt for Mrs. Right, Michael returned to the series for the first season of Bachelor In Paradise.

Ritchie Strahan


Ritchie Strahan of The Bachelor competed for Sam’s love before meeting and ending things with Alex Nation. He finished third on The Bachelorette, but he will always be remembered for his endearing date with Sam where they dressed as elderly people and his slogan “Cool Bananas.”

Davey Lloyd

Larrikin Davey Lloyd has participated in two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, making him somewhat of a dating show veteran. But it all started on The Bachelorette, where he made an effort to win over the future star of Home and Away.

Paul O’Brien

Sam dated Paul O’Brien, a former star of Home and Away, before she participated on The Bachelor in 2011. Sam took a sly jab when he admitted that he could understand why some performers wouldn’t be pleased with the casting choice when he was later placed on the same drama.

“I can sense the frustration because there are so many performers who are battling just to obtain an agent, just to get noticed,” he remarked.


Dane Rampe

The question was, “Did they or didn’t they?” Sam reneged on her assertion that she was dating Sydney Swans star Dane Rampe at the beginning of 2015.

He’ll probably be running far, far away, she acknowledged during an appearance on the Today Show.

Despite Dane being a terrific man, “I stuck my foot in it with Dane, and the whole thing blew up into more than it has.”

Dave Bashford

Sam announced her relationship with longtime friend Dave Bashford in the middle of 2017. Throughout their nearly three-year relationship, the couple maintained a largely secretive relationship while occasionally posting romantic Instagram photos.

Sadly, a representative for Sam announced their separation in July 2020.

“Dave Bashford and Sam Frost are no longer dating. They are still great friends “added the spokeswoman.

 Jay Bruno

Before Jay and her younger brother Alex went on Australian Survivor, Sam and Jay’s relationship was kept a secret. He explained to Sydney Confidential why they “simply didn’t work” before to his appearance on the programme.

It is difficult because you care about the other person, but relationships end and I didn’t want to push her further, so I moved on. It’s not complicated; I just don’t think we could have a future together.

The former lovers are still close.

Sam recently opened up about her relationship fears and said she is “casually dating someone” in an interview with Stellar.

As she talked about her mysterious man, she admitted, “I self-sabotage.” “I’ll put myself between us so that they can’t hurt me before I say, “I’m just going to go.” I have to make a conscious effort not to let bad habits interfere. It is a routine. It requires a lot of effort.”

Sam revealed to Fitzy and Wippa on March 29 that she is in a relationship with Jordie Hansen, a friend of her younger brother Alex (seen in the image) and their Survivor castmate.

Sam commented on Alex’s response, stating: “When I had to bail out my brother, I said, “Oi, is he single or what?” then after that he said, “Ah, don’t be weird.” You’re so embarrassing, he says.”

“He’s a kid. You know, I’m a little cougar.”

Sam officially joined Instagram alongside Jordie in early April 2022 by posting this adorable picture.

“I’ve never met a funnier person than @jordie.hansen I’m a really blessed woman, so thank you for making me so happy xx, “She wrote.


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