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A death confession and a baby twist: 7 big Neighbours spoilers


This week on Ramsay Street, things are looking uncomfortable for everyone involved. In Neighbours, David is avoiding his own sorrow, Glen is struggling to keep his secret hidden, and Ned is about to have a baby-related collapse. Things could get a little tangled.

Goody-two-shoes David (Takaya Honda) is currently being put to the ultimate test. His guilty conscience is eating him alive on the inside, and a frantic Freya (Phoebe Roberts) is doing everything she can to keep him from being honest. Will David finally give in and confess?

Fingers are pointed at Freya, and they’re pointing at her. With all the suspicion swirling around her, she’s on the verge of breaking down. Will Gareth’s ex-girlfriend be the one to reveal what Freya and David did?

Glen (Richard Huggett) has a secret of his own that he is trying to keep hidden. When Kiri arrives in town, Glen realises it’ll only be a matter of time before she discovers the truth about him. Will he tell her the truth or will she have to figure it out for herself?


And now that Kiri has arrived in town, Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) is hoping that she will finally find her happily ever after, but with Glen on a knife’s edge, her romantic hopes may be dashed.

Another character that is in a pickle is Ned’s (Ben Hall). He and Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) have recently rekindled their relationship, but she’s about to take things to the next level with baby talk. Will Ned flee in the opposite way at a million kilometres per hour?

And Ramsay Street makes an unwelcome reappearance. Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) will have to deal with this unexpected arrival.

Here’s what to expect next in Neighbours.


Glen’s close call

With Kiri’s arrival in town, Glen is skating on thin ice. He’s worried she’s discovered the truth about their relationship, but he exhales a sigh of relief when he realises she’s only followed Nicolette here following their holiday romance. For the time being, his secret is secure, at least until he learns Kiri is considering relocating to Ramsay Street. Will he be able to maintain his deception?

Freya furrows her brows

Despite all that has happened to her, Kyle is still not sure that Freya is trustworthy. In fact, he’s still on a mission to establish there’s something odd about her, and when he learns that Chloe isn’t a fan of hers either, he feels validated in his suspicions of her. He is convinced that Freya has lured David into her dark realm, and he is desperate to show that she is involved in something. He is completely unaware of how near he is to the truth. Following a conversation with Aaron, he’s even more sure that Freya is a jerk. This is a major issue for Freya, who is already struggling to keep David at bay. When Gareth’s ex Emma arrives in town seeking answers, Kyle will be the least of her worries. She believes David and Freya could have saved Gareth, but Freya’s troubles have grown exponentially.

Mick has returned

Terese’s thorn in the flesh has returned to town. Mick’s last appearance in Erinsborough saw him fall from favour, so he’s determined to exact his vengeance on Terese this time. She is taken aback when she learns that Mick is Montana’s personal assistant, and he isn’t bragging about it. He enjoys telling her that she will have to win him over. It’s all too nice to have the upper hand. Terese is keen to win Montana’s approval and follows Mick’s advice on how to do it. Unfortunately for her, because it’s Mick, it blows up in her face. Will she and Chloe be able to save Fashion Week?

Nic’s romantic life was devastated

With Kiri coming down to locate her, Nicolette feels she’s onto a winner, but her hopes of a happily ever after are dashed when an enraged Kiri confronts her. She’s discovered everything she can about Nic’s past deeds, and she’s desperate for answers. Nic feels the same way, and when she discovers Glen is the one who revealed her secrets, she freaks out. Even more disgusted, Kiri throws in the towel. Glen’s bizarre scheme has worked.


Amy is looking for Ned’s best swimmers

Amy isn’t one to linger, is she? She and Ned have just recently rekindled their relationship, but she’s already making plans for the rest of their lives together. Amy has become overly broody as a result of Roxy’s baby talk, and she brazenly informs Ned that she wants them to procreate. Given that his thoughts is currently busy with Harlow, he isn’t quite sold on the concept. He wants Amy to give him some space, but she can’t seem to get over her obsession with the B word. Is Amy putting the last nail in the coffin of their revived romance by causing him to have a nervous breakdown?

Ructions for Ned and Harlow

Meanwhile, Ned is preoccupied with Harlow, who is set to go for London. He wants to make sure everything is in order before she departs; he believes she’s leaving because of him. However, telling her this is a massive faux pas, and she reacts badly, making things unpleasant. Is their friendship over, or do their affections for each other still simmer beneath the surface?

David brags about his wrongdoings

David has another coroner’s interview coming up, and the angel on his shoulder is pleading with him to speak the truth. Freya is disturbed by his actions because she fears that his loose lips will bring her problems as well, so she is determined to keep his mouth shut. How far will she go to persuade him to forgive himself? And now that Gareth’s ex-girlfriend Emma has moved in, David has a whole new set of problems. She believes he could have saved Gareth, and she isn’t going to leave sleeping dogs alone. David cracks when he’s stressed to the point of tears, but not to Aaron. Will Aaron remain loyal to him, or will he violate his lover’s confidence by revealing the truth?

What is Leo’s plan?

Terese is terrified as Fashion Week burns to the ground. She’s out of alternatives and turns to Leo, who she believes can save the day. Leo has been assigned the mission of schmoozing Montana Marcel, and he arrives at her estate with a bottle of wine. What lengths will he go to win her favour?

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, March 21.

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