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Neighbours Terese star’s life – Hollywood star cousin, musician hubby and weight battle


Rebekah Elmaloglou rocketed to popularity in 1990 as troubled adolescent Sophie Simpson in Home And Away, and she has since become a soap star as Terese Willis in the popular Australian drama series Neighbours.

Rebekah, 48, leads an idyllic life in Melbourne with her husband and their son after a phenomenal career and lighting up our screens on the soon-to-be-cancelled drama for almost a decade.

As the series draws to a close, Daily Star looks back on her spectacular life off-camera, including weight loss, a famous family member, and an odd celebrity friendship.

Weight battle

In 2017, the Sydney-born actress opened up about her weight difficulties, revealing that she has gained 10kg and three dress sizes since joining Neighbours in 2013.


The stunning actress revealed that her weight increase was due to “on-set” catering and the onset of menopause, saying she was “larger now than I was two days after giving birth.”

“I’m obviously beyond the recommended weight range for my height,” she told New Idea, “so I have to do something about it.”

Even ‘one extra kilo or two’ to her petite 1.5 metre frame, she claims,’makes a tremendous difference.’

“Those additional kilogrammes can sneak up on you,” she observed, “and that’s exactly what happened to me.”


While Rebekah claims she has never been pressured to lose weight by the Australian soap’s producers, she does wish to be in shape.

She also mentioned her former chef drummer spouse Kane Baker, admitting that the two are “huge foodies who eat exceptionally well and love a bottle of wine.”

Rebekah gave birth to her son Kai in 2008 and realised she had an energy problem when she ‘wanted to lie down for a snooze all the time.’

Her new approach to a healthy living, which includes F45 fitness sessions, has included a combination of food, exercise, and meditation.


Famous cousin

Fans will be surprised to learn that Rebekah is cousins with Dame Judi Dench, one of Britain’s most famous actresses.

Judi’s mother’s cousin, the Oscar winner, is Judi’s cousin on her mother’s side, and the actress has a close bond with the James Bond star.

“I’m really closer with her daughter, Finty,” Rebekah told The Beast, “who I actually caught up with recently in London when I was there doing some publicity.”

Despite her pride in having Judi as a family member, she says that the actress “hasn’t really influenced” her.

“To be honest, Judi hasn’t really affected me,” she admitted, “but I adore her work and I’m really glad to call her a member of my family.”

“Everything she does is wonderful and amazing in my opinion, and I believe everyone agrees with me.” She’s a truly gifted woman.”


Denise van Outen friendship

Denise van Outen, a British television favourite, forged an odd connection with the star when she appeared as a guest star in Neighbours during filming in London in 2019.

Denise played the mother of Harlow Robinson, who was played by actress Jemma Donovan.

Rebekah shared this personal photo of the two having a meal out at The Carlton Wine Room, clearly enjoying each other’s company.

The two can be seen posing for a selfie, looking gorgeous and smiling at the camera. “Dining with this beauty tonight!” she captioned the photo. @vanouten denise Thank you for a wonderful evening. @neighbors @mann reelmann

“I am happy to be joining the cast of one of the world’s most iconic programmes, Neighbours,” Denise remarked of her new role at the time.

“It’s an honour to be asked, and I’m looking forward to getting started on a really entertaining plot, first in London and then in Melbourne.”

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