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9 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Rose takes a big risk the next week on Home and Away to assist Cash get over the tragedy.

In other scenes, Nikau mulls on trying to get in touch with Bella again, and Justin deals with the fallout from his most recent impulsive choice.

The complete list of nine major events is provided here.

1. Justin faces criticism for his decision regarding Lyrik


After Justin decided to utilise some of their combined savings to purchase a van for Lyrik, Leah criticises him. Given that the vehicle bears a sponsorship message for Summer Bay Auto, Justin argues that he is only attempting to help Theo and grow his own business.

Leah charges Justin with having a more self-centered motive, saying he’s taking advantage of the circumstance to achieve his own unfulfilled musical ambitions. Leah eventually decides to provide further support, though, after some persuasion.

2. Cash has trouble keeping up

After emerging from his coma, Cash tries to leave his hospital room in order to seek answers regarding the shooting incident. He is having difficulty recalling it. Dr. Bree notes that Cash is too frail to leave the hospital on his own, and her assessment is confirmed when he passes out even before he gets to the door.


Bree urges Cash to get counselling in light of his current problems. Later, Cash begs to see Felicity and admits that he is struggling. Felicity concerns about her brother’s mental health after Cash inquires about what it’s like to experience a nervous breakdown.

3. Rose disregards the law to aid Cash.

Felicity, who still holds Rose somewhat accountable for the shooting incident occurring in the first place, exhorts Rose to find a way to assist Cash.

Rose explains that owing to the current investigation, she is unable to give Cash any formal police information; nonetheless, Felicity is unconcerned with the specifics.


Rose brings Cash the police report on the shooting, breaking police protocol and taking a significant risk. Cash is relieved to learn that Marty, the head of the motorcycle group, shot him first and that he only retaliated out of self-defense.

4. Tane worries about his standing

Friends and neighbours are still asking Tane about his role in the biker gang event. Because his silence is necessary for the covert operation to be successful, he is unable to respond.

Tane accepts Dean’s assistance and support with gratitude for making a new friend. Sadly, things only become worse when John informs Tane that he might lose the gym’s lease because of all the bad press the Paratas have been receiving.

5. Kirby decides to end their relationship with Theo.

Following the band’s joy over the van, Kirby spends the night in Theo’s bedroom, but the next morning, Leah and Justin nearly catch them together, exposing their covert relationship.


Theo finds the situation amusing, but Kirby isn’t amused and points out the arguments that would undoubtedly occur if Eden and Remi learned of their relationship. Theo is devastated when she decides it’s time to end their fling.

Theo fights for another opportunity.

Following her choice to end their relationship, Theo assures Kirby that she is acting rationally and not emotionally.

Theo sings Kirby a romantic song he wrote in an effort to impress her. Theo and Kirby are reconciled, but Kirby is determined that their relationship must remain private.

7. Nikau declares his intention to travel to New York.

Following his breakup with Bella, Nikau finds it difficult to be around so many loving couples in the Bay. He tells Theo about his intentions to visit Bella in New York.

When Dean learns that Nikau intends to tell Bella the real reason he broke their relationship, he becomes concerned. Dean cautions Nikau that now is not the time to include Bella in the matter because the court case is still pending and the motorcycle gang issue has not yet been entirely settled.

Nikau is ultimately persuaded by Dean to stay in Summer Bay because it is best for Bella.

8. A secret is hidden by Roo’s new student.

Roo meets with Heather, a new tutoring client who is working on a law school application. Heather states that she is eager to practise law and assist others.

Heather explains her own background, saying she had had an affair with a married guy while working as his cleaner. Heather was under pressure to give the child away after they had a child together.

Later, Heather approaches Marilyn with an unusual level of curiosity and sneakily snaps a snapshot of her.

9. Ziggy and Dean attempt to move on.

Remi’s recent flirty actions with Ziggy continue to worry Dean. Ziggy makes it clear that she has no interest in Remi, but she does regret feeling unique now that she and Dean are through the giddy new couple phase.

Taking this into consideration, Dean surprized Ziggy with a last-minute road trip to go surfing.

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