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8 huge questions that arises after this week’s episodes of Australian home and away


Tane wants vengeance while Ari battles for his life.

Spoilers from Australian-paced episodes of Home and Away follow, which some UK audiences will choose to stop.

There were just four new episodes of Home and Away this week in Australia, but there were plenty of discussion points as the Parata family’s vengeful rivals struck once more.

Ari was left struggling for his life after being purposely knocked down in a hit-and-run collision, which left his family in a state of confusion.


Meanwhile, Christian struggled with self-confidence after his feud with Lewis took a different turn, and Dean attempted to push his relationship with Amber to the next level.

Following the recent Australian episodes, we’ve been left with eight major questions.

1. Is Ari going to make it?

Paul’s evil efforts to exact vengeance for Tane’s debt and the recent beating he got from Heath Braxton made yet another horrific week for the Parata household.

Following Nikau’s kidnapping, Paul committed yet another heinous crime by purposely knocking Ari down in the street and abandoning him.


Ari was taken to the hospital with several burns, including a brain bleed that necessitated emergency surgery. Despite the fact that this was a victory, the doctors wanted to hold him in an involuntary coma in order to give him the greatest chance of recovering completely.

Ari’s family and friends were concerned that all they could do was wait for word about his fate. There were no further updates about how things were going by the end of the week.

Fortunately, we now have a response to this issue, as Ari’s actor, Rob Kipa-Williams, was recently photographed shooting on location for Home and Away.

With the show filming scenes months ahead of time, it seems that we won’t be dropping Ari from Summer Bay.


2. Can Ari and Mia get back together?

At the time of the hit-and-run, Ari and Mia’s friendship was tense. Mia had failed to forgive Ari after her daughter Chloe was abducted as a result of the Parata family’s gangster crisis.

Mia even began making arrangements to abandon Summer Bay, convinced that she would never be able to reconnect with Ari again.

However, after Mia heard that Ari was in a coma, everything changed. She ran to Ari’s bedside and expressed her true feelings to him when speaking to him, unsure whether he could understand her.

When they were fighting, Mia shared her heartfelt apologies for saying things she didn’t mean. She also claimed that if Ari recovered, she wanted to sort it out. When Ari regains consciousness, will there be a happier ending?

3. What’s Mac’s next step going to be?

Ari’s heinous act could not have arisen at a more awkward moment for Mac. Mac recently found out she’s pregnant with Ari’s boy, and she’d been pondering how to tell him after he’d agreed to end their relationship.

Just when Mac was about to tell Ari the truth to see if it changed things for their future, she heard that he was struggling for his life in the hospital.


Mac has also voiced concerns about whether or not she wants to carry the baby. Will Mac’s choices about her own future be influenced by Ari’s absence for the time being – and the strong likelihood of an Ari/Mia reunion in the future?

4. Are Paul and Leon finally on their way out?

For months, gangsters Paul and Leon have been terrorising the Parata family. The villains have proven to be fearsome foes, often appearing when the family is least expecting it.

When Paul knocked Ari out this week, he instantly sent Tane a taunting letter, warning him that he’d be next. Tane retaliated by tracking Paul down and beating him up, as Paul seemed to have taken it too far this time.

Tane then drove Paul to the hospital and demanded that someone contact the cops so that Paul could be taken to justice. Is Paul’s reign of terror now coming to an end?

5. Will Christian recover his self-assurance?

Since learning the news of Anna’s death and proving that he wasn’t reckless during her operation, Christian felt he’d put an end to his feud with Lewis.

Unfortunately, emotions rose even more as Christian realised that Lewis had crossed his wires and assumed blame for Anna’s unfortunate death.

Christian was able to point out that this was not the case, bringing the two coworkers right back to square one in their heated argument.

Christian began to question his skills as a surgeon as a result of the current row, and fussed over Marilyn after her recent collapse, secretly praying that he hadn’t done anything since sending her home. Tori was worried that Christian’s cautious attitude was going too far.

As Christian oversaw Ari’s good surgery, he displayed his capability, but would this be enough to regain his confidence?

6. Can Dean and Amber get together?

Dean and Amber’s young son Jai had some insightful concerns about their new living situation. Jai wants to know why his parents don’t share a bed now that Amber and Jai are living at the pier flat.

Dean and Amber politely clarified that every family is different, but as their chemistry developed, Dean later questioned as to whether they were delaying becoming a proper couple.

Amber agreed that she’s being more careful this time because Jai isn’t the only one who might be injured. Will Dean be able to convince Amber that he is a good love match – and a good father?

7. When would Ryder confess to Chloe that he loves her?

Ryder and Chloe’s latest relationship begins to grow slowly. Ryder and Chloe returned to their old ways by bickering endlessly despite initially bonding when they were abducted together. Nikau and Bella were disappointed that they couldn’t afford to be civil to each other.

After annoyng Nikau for so long, Chloe ditched her icy demeanour and thanked Ryder for his help while they were stranded. Chloe kissed Ryder, but was saddened when the next day he discarded it as a joke.

As Chloe waits for Ryder to accept his feelings for her, the ball is obviously in his court, so how long will it take?

8. Will Martha be able to make a breakthrough?

Martha has been in hospital for medical care for the past few days, but when Roo went to see her, she was shocked to learn that her mother still thought her dreams of Kieran were genuine.

The situation deteriorated further after Alf received a call from hto informing him that Martha had gone missing.

Martha returns to the Bay the next week and asks Irene to prove that she is telling the truth.

Irene had previously observed Martha conversing with the breeze, but trusted her when she said Kieran was there. Is there a possibility for Martha to make a breakthrough now that Irene has confirmed that this wasn’t the case?

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