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14 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Ziggy experiences a shock collapse at the garage on the upcoming episode of Home and Away.

Meanwhile, Marilyn is disappointed that Heather let her down while Tane is troubled by the news of Ziggy’s pregnancy.

The whole list of 14 significant events is provided here.

1. Justin informs Lyrik of some unpleasant news


their regular gigs at Salt. Eden is upset with Justin, but Theo stands up for him and lists all of the things he has previously done for the band.

Justin puts a lot of effort into making amends, so it gives him relief when he can land Lyrik a regular performance at a different location that will pay him more.

Mac and Felicity argue about Lyrik in 2.

Although Mac has rejected Justin’s offer to haggle over an increased pay for Lyrik, she is aware that Salt’s business will suffer as a result of the band’s cancellation.


Felicity warns Mac against releasing Lyrik, but Mac says that this is her final decision and that she needs her business partner’s backing.

3. Mac begins to second-guess her position.

The regular Lyrik shows are over, and Mac begins to worry that Salt will lose important business as a result. She hesitantly informs Justin that she would like to renegotiate their agreement, but he plays hard to get by pointing out that the band has already found a new location.

Theo and Kirby are informed by Justin that he intends to pressure Mac until she comes up with a better offer. When Mac’s car breaks down on the side of the road and Justin, of all people, stops to assist, things only become worse for Mac.


4. Once more, Cash and Eden give in to temptation.

Once again, Cash and Eden spend the night together. Cash makes it plain that he doesn’t want Eden to leave this time, despite the fact that he harshly told her to leave the last time they slept together.

Remi makes a promise to keep Cash and Eden’s relationship private after discovering them together. Remi concurs, but he cautions Eden about having passionate meetings with Cash.

Five. Rose and Cash part ways

After a criminal accuses Cash of using excessive force while making an arrest, Rose is requested to give a statement. She explains to Cash that she won’t shield him but will reveal the truth about what transpired.

Rose believes that her colleague needs professional treatment and that this should be a wake-up call. Cash feels betrayed by Rose and protests that he merely had one terrible day, but Rose believes that this should be a wake-up call.


6. Bree is envious of Remi.

Remi refuses to let Bree spend out with him even though he knows he can’t but isn’t honest about why. Bree shouldn’t be aware that Remi has a date.

Later, Remi is exposed for lying when Remi is seen meeting a woman on the beach by Bree. She turns aside and runs off, evidently upset to see Remi move on from their brief flirtation.

7. Bree and Remi try to mend fences.

Later, Remi tells Bree the truth about his deception regarding his date. Bree, who is still worried about her feelings for Remi and what this means for her marriage, decides it’s best to start ignoring him.

Remi encourages that they have a conversation and advises that they try to mend their platonic relationship. Even though Bree acknowledges that it’s a smart idea, she can’t help but still want for Remi.

Ziggy experiences a stunning collapse.

When Justin gives Ziggy a promotion at work, she is thrilled, but Dean is worried because she still hasn’t told her boss about her pregnancy.

Ziggy works in the garage by herself because she’s determined to show that she can do it. Ziggy accidently breathes in a chemical solvent while preoccupied and passes out on the garage floor.

9. Tane muses over his relationship with Felicity.

When Tane arrives at the garage to fix his car, he discovers Ziggy to be unconscious. Tane rushes Ziggy to the hospital as soon as she wakes up and admits that she is pregnant. When she and the child receive the all-clear, Ziggy and Tane are both relieved.

Later, Tane confesses to Ziggy that he envies her future happy family situation. Tane desires the same thing, but he is aware that Felicity has no interest in having children.

10. Tane inquiries Felicity

Tane is urged by Ziggy to be open with Felicity about what the future might hold.

Later, Tane makes Felicity a home-cooked lunch and inquires about their relationship’s long-term prospects. All Felicity knows about her future, she says Tane, is that she wants him to be a part of it.

11. Xander makes a decision.

After his recent personal struggles, Xander is happy to have made significant progress, but Rose highlights some limitations by pointing out that he is still keeping his tattoos hidden from the public.

Taking this into consideration, Xander strips off his shirt at the beach for the first time since joining Summer Bay. Xander is now proud to display his tattoos, and Rose is happy to see her brother in such a good mood.

12. John develops doubts about Heather

When Heather first meets John, she makes a comment about being aware of his adoption of Jett by Marilyn. John is alarmed by this since he doesn’t understand Heather’s intense interest in Marilyn’s life.

Irene encourages John to avoid the situation after John confides in her his suspicions. But when John notices other strange behaviours, he looks Heather up online. When Heather sees him in the act, he is caught off guard.

13. Heather causes Marilyn additional problems.

Alf and Roo warn Marilyn that she should leave Heather alone when she tries to deliver a tarot book to her camper. Marilyn claims that she has already reconciled with Heather, who requested the book explicitly.

Heather later claims to have no interest in the book when she runs across Alf and Roo. Heather claims that she is simply adhering to Marilyn’s guidelines rather than not telling her friends about their connection, and Marilyn is unhappy because Heather lied and made Marilyn appear unreasonable.

14. Heather exacts retribution on John.

John is honest with Heather about his lack of faith in her, but he later pays for it when he discovers that his car’s tyres have been cut. Heather is held accountable by John, but she denies it, and Nikau wonders if Marilyn might have been the real offender given her recent erratic behaviour.

Later, Heather admits to being Marilyn’s long-lost daughter to Nikau. Nikau vows to keep it a secret, but he can’t help feeling let down by Marilyn for wanting to keep everything under wraps.

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