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14 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week


What events are planned for Walford?

The following week on EastEnders, Linda confronts Janine after learning a damning piece of information regarding the car accident, Stuart’s tale comes to a climax, and Finlay arranges a date for Billy and Honey.

Here is a complete list of the top 14 events to be on the lookout for:

1.Stuart makes a bold decision


The following week, Stuart snaps and throws away his prescription for antidepressants, adding to his problems.

When Linda sees him near a drug dealer, she steps in to help, but things rapidly get heated.

Stuart buys some narcotics out of desperation, but subsequently changes his mind and gives them to Jada. He also makes an effort to find Linda to apologise, but Mick responds angrily.

Stuart reaches his breaking point and resorts to desperate measures when he is unable to schedule a GP appointment.

  1. Linda and Mick get closer

With Mick’s help, Linda tells him the date of her next court appearance and confesses her worries about the result.

After Linda’s encounter with Stuart, Mick consoles her, much to Janine’s annoyance.

After taking her first steps in front of Linda and Mick, Annie makes Linda tearful as she considers the possibility of being separated from her. They are almost about to kiss but Jada stops them. They are overcome with emotion.

  1. Amy suffocates

A trip to the movies is planned by Lily, Nugget, Denzel, and Amy, but Lily is annoyed by Amy and Denzel’s flirting. After Denise confiscated the pills, Lily felt defiant and stole them from Jada.


Just as Denise realises the medications are missing, Amy takes half a pill out of desperation to please Denzel.

Denise and Jack come find Amy as she collapses while looking for the kids and are terrified to see her. They immediately call an ambulance.

  1. Bernie makes an effort to reach Stuart.

As the situation worsens, Bernie does everything she can to assist a distraught Stuart at the doctor’s office.

She apologises to him for assisting Rainie leave the Square and for not realising he had PND.

Stuart becomes increasingly more desperate as he becomes convinced that his diagnosis was incorrect.

  1. Billy has emotional conflictb

Billy develops resentment as he sees Finlay and Honey having fun at the Minute Mart.


Sonia confronts Kim after spotting her avoiding Honey and demands that she give her the money she is owed from their wager.

Later, Honey admits to Kim that she dropped out of the bet with Finlay because she didn’t want to go on a date with him, which pleases Billy.

6.Martin challenges Howie in

Martin is appalled by the turn of events and urges Lily to find out the truth while Amy is in the hospital.

Martin confronts Howie after becoming certain that Denzel provided Lily with the narcotics.

  1. Linda finds a car accident clue

Mick is preoccupied with thoughts of Linda when Janine tries to flirt with him.

Linda is prompted to describe the details of the accident by Mick, who also advises her to examine her call history online.

As a result, Mick and Linda quickly learn that Linda called The Vic the night of the crash, which terrified Janine.

  1. Stuart’s tale reaches its conclusion.

Stuart continues to struggle with his health and relies on those close to him for encouragement as he prepares to face his prognosis.

Later, as his health situation worsens, Stuart takes some significant decisions concerning his future.

We’ve already mentioned how Stuart’s tenure in Walford will come to an end the following week. Ricky Champ has already completed filming for his last few sequences.

  1. Lily tells the reality

Martin tells Lily that he no longer trusts her and that she should keep away from Denzel and Nugget.

Martin sends Lily to the salon to apologise to Howie after overhearing Lily tell Eve everything.

Martin, Howie, and Linda all put pressure on Jada to tell where she originally obtained the pills while Lily confesses the source of the drugs.

Lily then gives Denzel a well-deserved apology, and the two of them go to see Amy in the hospital.

  1. Linda challenges Janine

Linda prepares cards for her children’s future birthdays when she is convinced she will serve time in prison.

But when Sharon discloses that she was at The Vic on the day of the accident and knows who picked up Linda’s call, she further confounds her.

Then, in front of Mick, Linda questions Janine about the call; what will she say?

11.Amy is issued a warning.

When Jack brings Amy from the hospital, he warns her to avoid Denzel.

Jack reiterates that Amy needs to keep her distance from Denzel and Nugget going forward while warning the kids about the drugs. Will she take notes?

12.Billy assists Felix and Finlay

The volume of noise coming from Felix and Finlay’s stall irritates Mr. Lister. He makes an attempt to completely close the stall, but Billy saves them.

Billy and Whitney also make an effort to educate Finlay some practical sales terminology.

  1. Mick is in for a surprise from Linda.

Linda resolves to make the most of the time she has left by suggesting a Carnival celebration at The Vic because her potential prison sentence is still very much in the distance.

This is a great idea, and Mick makes Linda happy by persuading Ollie to spend the night at her place.

14.Finlay facilitates relationships

Billy is informed by Finlay that he has realised Billy’s fondness for Honey.

Billy tells Finlay that Honey is the one lady for him when they are both admiring each other’s charms and confidence in the stall.

Finlay is moved and wonders what he can do to facilitate their reconciliation.

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