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11 Neighbours spoilers for show’s return confirm devastating death fears, Susan’s life changed forever, secrets explode and more!


The past year has been difficult without Neighbours, but the agonising wait is almost over as the programme returns bigger and better than ever. is giving you a sneak peek of what’s to come.

We stopped watching Neighbours more than a year ago, and, well, life just isn’t the same now.

But enough tears were shed when the popular soap was puzzlingly cancelled by UK broadcaster Channel 5 in February, and again when the ‘finale’ episode aired in July, bringing the stories of the Ramsay Street regulars to an end.

Amazon Freevee turned out to be the good friends we all needed, saving Neighbours before any damage could be done to the sets, and as a result, fans all over the world sighed a sigh of relief. But not for good.


Not every hero dons a cape.

Neighbours will return with new episodes on Monday, September 18, on Amazon Freeview. However, in true soap opera fashion, spoilers will be released before each new episode, and is more than glad to comply.

So without further ado, feel free to dig in and experience the first glimpse of what to come in the updated Neighbours.

You were missed here.


A wedding – with a major twist


The residents of Ramsay Street will come together for a wedding that will completely blow your mind. Neighbours ended on Channel 5 with a boom, and it will return to screens in a similar fashion.

Following their wedding, the joyful couple departs on their honeymoon, eager to put the past behind them and concentrate on establishing their future together. However, problems soon arise as they try to juggle work and marriage.

Susan and Karl in turmoil over a secret that threatens to destroy everything

The last time we saw Susan and Karl together, they were beaming as the credits rolled. However, two years later, she is in turmoil, forced to make some significant changes to her life, and harbours a secret that could jeopardise both her happiness and marriage.

Holly, Karl’s daughter, on the other hand, doesn’t take her job seriously, which only leads to more conflict between Karl and Susan and results in an explosive discovery.


The Kennedys’ friendship is then put to the test more than ever after a startling disclosure.

Will this hold true this time around? The legendary couple has survived just about anything that can be thrown at a marriage and has come out the other side stronger than before.

They then find themselves at a fork in the road, with their destiny uncertain, but that remains to be seen.

Harold’s devastating secret

Harold isn’t quite himself, as hinted at in the full-length teaser for Neighbours, and appears to be having trouble processing some recent news. The first episodes of the new season of the show’s spoilers prove that this is unquestionably the case, and Karl, who is growing increasingly concerned, is alerted by his unusual actions.

Then Harold says something that is very heartbreaking.

What exactly is it, we wonder? That remains to be known, but after a few weeks, as his worries about the future grow more and more intense, he receives comfort and support from his closest friends.


Jane and Mike torn apart by a secret of their own

In the huge finale-that-wasn’t-actually-finale, Jane Harris finally found happiness with her first love, Mike Young, after three decades apart. Hollywood legend Guy Pearce also made a surprise appearance on Ramsay Street to complete Mike’s storyline.

Audiences were perplexed about how exactly this would be written around after Neighbours was revived, but with Guy coming back in a recurrent role, the story will go on.

The beloved pair, however, is not at all content this time because a secret is seething beneath the surface and their plans are starting to fall through. The most recent trailer implied that the couple was getting married; if this is the case, will they make it down the aisle?

We can confirm that Mike is thinking about making a proposal, but the verdict is yet out on what will happen. There will be more friction as Mike becomes the victim of his own impatience and Jane is taken by surprise when a close friend betrays her.

Romance for Mackenzie

Two years after the tragic death of Hendrix Grayson, Mackenzie Hargreaves will consider the possibility of finding love once more. The new season begins with her attempting to flirt in an effort to get back in the dating game before making a significant decision that will require her to step outside of her comfort zone.

Throwing caution to the wind, she decides to take advantage of the situation when her interest in a particular resident peaks, but she will later fight to control her feelings.

A romance between Mackenzie and the new character Haz Devkar (Shiv Palekar), who will take over as manager of Harold’s cafe, appeared to be hinted at in the most recent trailer for the series.

Nell’s huge admission

Given that Neighbours’ new chapter will jump ahead two years, Nell is significantly older than when we last saw her, and the character will appear to steer her own stories as a result. Upcoming scenes will see her make a terrible admission that shocks her entire family.

Paul Robinson faces a new foe as newcomer Reece Sinclair causes chaos

When Mischa Barton’s character from The OC’s Reece Sinclair checks into Lassiters and comes in Erinsborough, the locals will experience the shocking surprise that makes Neighbours what it is.

The community is shocked when the identity of the newest resident of Ramsay Street is revealed when Byron Stone learns a surprising fact about her.

As he gets closer to revealing the truth, Paul Robinson, who is aware of her whereabouts, collects some information in the hopes that it will help him keep Lassiters.

A shock new rivalry is born

Over the previous forty years, Ramsay Street has seen its fair share of slanging matches and terrible fights, and it will undoubtedly see more in the years to come. In the upcoming episodes, a surprising new rivalry will develop as tensions rise between two disgruntled locals.

Terese suffers several devastating blows

When we next meet Terese Willis, she has a new business initiative in the works. However, there are a few roadblocks that soon cause problems in her personal life, and later sequences show her learning the truth about some closely held secrets.

However, this is only the start of the agony, as she later tries to forge closer ties with the people she cares about only to be duped by someone’s malevolent manipulation.

Toadie’s life-changing decision

It’s all on the line for a number of Ramsay Street favourites, including veteran Toadie, as he makes a difficult decision that will affect his entire family, as you’ve probably deduced from reading through these spoilers.

You can anticipate lots of friction as a result, but we’re keeping the specifics of what such a decision involves under wraps.

A new family to mark a new era

As part of its thrilling new chapter, Neighbours will introduce a brand-new family who appear on Ramsay Street at the start of the series. However, one member of the clan is quite interested in the street.

Announcing the Varga-Murphys!

Mums The family is made up of adolescent kids JJ and Dex, along with Remi and Cara, and they are all slated to have captivating tales of their own. Following their arrival on the street, Cara and Remi, for instance, will try to plan their own future. The couple’s poor communication will have some repercussions for them.

JJ, on the other hand, concentrates his attention on something—or perhaps someone—closer to home.

Consider our curiosity aroused.

We won’t divulge everything, but what we will say is that JJ’s investigation takes an unexpected turn as his objective intensifies and he approaches the truth. Take from that what you will.

Dex is then taken by surprise by a secret that could have disastrous repercussions, and he worries that JJ would harm their family beyond repair.

On Monday, September 18, Neighbours: A New Chapter makes its Amazon FreeVee premiere.

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