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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


What is coming up in Summer Bay?

Cash’s brutal new approach to police work may get him into problems on Home and Away next week.

Tane mulls over his options after his day in court as Marilyn reveals to Heather why she abandoned her.

Here is a comprehensive list of the upcoming 11 major events.

  1. Cash is charged with abuse by police.

Despite doubts that it may be too soon, Cash goes to work for the first time since the shooting event. Remi is assaulted by a mugger on his first shift outside the Surf Club.

Cash aggressively presses Remi for information about what transpired while Xander is attending to Remi at the scene. Rose, who is disturbed by Cash’s strong demeanour, is compelled to push him away.

Later, Cash and Rose are successful in finding the robber. Cash approaches the arrest firmly, which further worries Rose. Rose can see that things is going to become worse when the offender alleges that the police have been abusive.

  1. Marilyn is once more framed

After her social media account was exploited to send an unpleasant message to her adoptive son Jett, Marilyn finds it difficult to defend herself. Alf believes that someone must have hacked into Marilyn’s account to cause difficulties, while Roo believes that Marilyn may once again be in a bad position with her mental health.


Later, Roo learns that a bogus online evaluation that unfairly disparages her abilities has been posted for her tutoring services. Marilyn is disturbed that her closest friends and family are casting suspicion on her, even while Roo believes she is to blame.

  1. Marilyn enters Heather’s camper.

Marilyn schedules a visit at the hospital in an effort to allay the worries of her friends about her mental state. When Bree says her medicine doesn’t need to be modified, she feels vindicated.

Later, Marilyn enters Heather’s camper, but Heather sees the intrusion take place. When Heather contacts the police, Cash shows there to confront Marilyn. Cash is forced to arrest Marilyn as she refuses to justify her actions.

With her decision to drop her allegations against Marilyn, Heather displays her ability to forgive. But when Marilyn discreetly confronts Heather about the birth certificate she discovered in her caravan, their arguments continue.

  1. Marilyn is too much for Heather to forgive.

Marilyn ultimately admits that when Heather was a newborn, she abdicated her parental duties. Marilyn accuses Heather’s father of pressuring her into it, while Heather feels that Marilyn should have made a stronger effort to remain in Heather’s life.

Heather appears willing to give Marilyn another chance when she speaks movingly about her regrets on how she handled the situation. Heather is secretly enraged when Marilyn states that she isn’t yet ready to reveal Heather’s true identity to her pals.

  1. Bree rejects Remi with unexpected information.

Following the assault outside the Surf Club, Remi is admitted to the hospital. He keeps flirting with Bree and is obviously enjoying her patience.

Remi wonders why Bree keeps rejecting him when he is reunited with his guitar and she appears to be loving his music. Bree clarifies the fact that she is wed.

Bree reveals that although they have been married since high school, Jacob is currently away on business. Remi understands that he must let go of his feelings for Bree.

  1. As Lyrik’s manager, Justin makes a mistake.

Lyrik are having trouble keeping up with their band’s administrative obligations. Justin offers to be the group’s manager, still wanting to have some role in the organisation.


Even though Theo is unsure about Justin’s continued involvement in his music career, he ultimately decides to hire him.

Justin soon finds himself in the middle of a dispute with a venue over a Lyrik performance. Justin negotiates a cheap rate for the band because he is unsure of himself and lacks confidence, and he immediately regrets it.

  1. Justin takes Leah’s advise, but makes another mistake.

In his new position as Lyrik’s manager, Justin acknowledges to Leah that he has committed a serious error. Leah advises him to phone the location again and haggle over Lyrik’s cost.

Justin’s confidence remains low, especially when the venue tries to sidestep him. Justin is left to watch and pick up on the negotiation as Leah seizes the phone.

Later, Justin makes an attempt to implement Leah’s advise by informing Mackenzie that they will need to renegotiate Lyrik’s current contract in order to secure regular engagements at Salt. Justin wants to increase the band’s price, but Mac refuses and cancels all upcoming performances.

  1. Eden and Cash cave to temptation

Cash accepts Eden’s invitation for a night out despite his continued moodiness. The two succumb to temptation and decide to stay together the night.

The following morning, Cash adopts a colder demeanour toward Eden and urges her to leave right away. Cash’s actions stun Eden because he isn’t the same person she was familiar with in the past.

  1. Ziggy conceals being pregnant.

Now that Ziggy has made the decision to have the child, she concentrates on making an effort to hide her morning sickness. Ziggy is adamant that she won’t tell anyone the good news until after the 12-week scan.

Since Justin is Ziggy’s supervisor, Dean advises her to confide in him. Dean seemed eager to tell as many people as possible about the news as he is still giddy with enthusiasm. By urging that they stick to their initial plan, Ziggy puts a stop to their discussion.

  1. Nikau and Tane attempt to move on.

Tane and Nikau are relieved to be free of any charges related to the biker gang incident when they get back from court. The local community will, regrettably, never be aware of their cooperation with the police.

Nikau worries that his neighbours and friends will always assume the worst, so he is pleasantly delighted when his boss John acts without hesitation.

Tane considers selling the gym as a way to completely restart his life because he feels bad about having used Ari’s stolen money to purchase it. Nikau advises his uncle not to make any snap judgments and considers seeking some spiritual direction from the Taiaha.

  1. When Xander hears of a death, he reacts.

Xander appears to be doing well in his job as a volunteer paramedic in the community, but Rose worries when her brother learns that one of Xander’s patients has passed away in the hospital. Historically, Xander has had a hard time dealing with comparable events, finding solace in acquiring tattoos to remember deceased patients.

Xander assures Rose that he is not concerned because the woman’s death was caused by a heart ailment and that he has no responsibility. Rose is still sceptical because she worries that her sibling might relapse into a depressed state of mind.

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