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10 upcoming huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Ari attempts to console Mac, while Lewis plots another murder and Leah looks for Susie.

Ari is heartbroken when he learns the truth about Mac’s ectopic pregnancy next week on Home and Away.

In other news, Lewis plots an evil scheme against Christian, while Leah attempts to defend herself against Susie.

  1. Ari reveals the baby reality

When Ari sees Ziggy and Tane carrying Mac to the hospital after she collapsed at work, he is frightened. Although Ziggy and Tane are aware of Mac’s recent ectopic pregnancy, Ari has no idea what his ex-partner has been up to since their breakup.


Mac still needs Ari to stay out of it, so she asks Ziggy and Tane to cover for her. She’s still relieved when she’s diagnosed with a relatively minor infection.

Mia realises she can’t keep lying to Ari for much longer, so she tells him the truth about Mac’s death. Ari rushes to the hospital to console Mac, who is inconsolably upset.

  1. Mac refuses to accept clinical help.

At the hospital, Ziggy informs Tori that Mac has been struggling since the baby’s death. Tori is kind enough to send Mac some counselling brochures, but once Mac is released from the hospital, she discards it.

Later in the week, Ziggy and Dean take turns watching Mac, who is always in a bad mood. Ziggy is compassionate, but she is still feeling the strain of coping with the traumatic situation.


In the end, Mac drives Ziggy too far as he inquires about Ari’s health. In response, Ziggy offers Mac some tough love, pointing out that asking about her ex is both unreasonable and unhealthy.

  1. At work, Ryder is confronted with a tough decision.

As Ryder’s new relationship with Chloe blossoms, he’s confronted with a new challenge that threatens to derail everything they’ve built together.

Mac offers Ryder the role of second-in-command at Salt, but it comes with a price: he must inform Chloe that she has been fired.

Mac claims that they don’t need Chloe to work any more casual shifts because the restaurant is over-staffed, but the truth is that she doesn’t feel comfortable working with Ari’s stepdaughter.


Ryder tries and struggles to find the right moment to deliver the bad news to Chloe, setting off a ticking time bomb when Mac incorrectly thinks it has already been handled.

  1. Lewis intends to assassinate Christian.

Lewis is upset that all of his efforts to have Christian fired have failed. Lewis kills Christian and drags his unconscious body through an abandoned ward at the Northern Districts Hospital, feeling he has little left to lose.

When Christian returns, he discovers that Lewis has shackled him to a hospital bed. Lewis sets up a recording device on his laptop, pleading with Christian to accept responsibility for Anna’s death. Lewis switches tactics and prepares a lethal injection when Christian refuses.

  1. Tori battles for Christian’s survival.

Lewis connects Christian to a heart monitor and administers the injection, hoping to see the precise moment his arch-enemy passes away. Jasmine and Tori, who have realised something is seriously wrong, find them in the abandoned hospital ward.

Tori acts quickly to administer CPR and save her fiancé’s life when he collapses. Meanwhile, Jasmine is terrified as she realises she has fallen in love with a demon.

  1. Nikau and Bella have a falling out.

Bella learns she has won a photography competition and has been invited to an awards ceremony to accept her prise in person. Nikau is ecstatic for Bella when he realises the winning entry was a picture of himself sleeping.


Bella took the picture and submitted it without first asking Nikau’s permission, which irritates him. As Dean overhears their argument about the situation, he sides with Bella and asks Nikau to help her because it’s the first positive news she’s had in months.

When Nikau relents, the young couple departs to celebrate the city’s awards night.

  1. Nikau receives a new job offer.

Bella gets a call from a woman she met at the event during the awards ceremony. The lady in question is a modelling agent who wants to speak with Nikau about signing him as a new signing.

Nikau dismisses the idea right away, calling the modelling industry “false” and stating that he isn’t interested. Bella encourages him to be more open-minded and at the very least listen to the agent.

  1. Justin and Leah’s relationship is deteriorating.

Justin is willing to give up the hunt for Susie, but Leah is playing amateur detective by scouring online scam forums for any leads. When Leah discovers other Susie victims, she is inspired and hopes to figure out her pattern of behaviour so she can track her down.

Justin is worried that Leah’s efforts are bordering on obsession as she devotes more time to her mission.

  1. Amber is dissatisfied with Dean.

As he assists in the interviewing of candidates for the role of gym manager, John reverts to his old bossy self. He terrorises the applicants with his questions, including Mia, who ends up getting the job. Irene is overjoyed at John’s return to normalcy.

Despite this, John is steadfast in his desire to sell his house, which he feels holds too many memories for him. Susie’s deceptions have left John devastated, and Roo is heartbroken.

  1. John plans a fresh start

As John assists in the interviewing of applicants for the gym manager role, he reverts to his old bossy self. With his questions, he terrorises the candidates, including Mia, who ends up getting the job. Irene expresses her delight at John’s return to normalcy.

Despite this, John is adamant about selling his home, which he believes holds too many memories for him. Susie’s deceptions have had a devastating effect on John, and Roo is heartbroken.

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