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10 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week (July 18 to 22)


On Home and Away the following week, Justin and Leah’s romance faces difficulties.

The Parata family joins forces to trick Theo in another scene, while Rose finds herself in a strange predicament with Cash.

The whole list of 10 significant events is provided here.

1. Justin stays away from Leah for one night

After Justin warns Chloe that she is spending too much time at the Morgan residence, tensions rise. Theo worries that he might have lost his girlfriend permanently as Chloe becomes upset and hurries off. Leah is also upset since, according to Justin, she was the one who thought Chloe had overstayed her welcome.


Leah tells Justin to sleep on the couch when he refuses to accept responsibility. Justin takes things a step further by spending the night at John’s house.

2. Theo and Chloe act as mediators

Theo and Chloe succeed in rekindling their own romance. The young couple then focuses on reestablishing communication between Justin and Leah.

Leah visits Justin at John’s place thanks to Chloe. Chloe apologises for lately crossing the line when everyone is present. Chloe establishes some guidelines for her future trips to the Morgan residence, which finally contributes to reducing the hostility between Justin and Leah.

3. Tane and Nikau fool Theo

Theo is reluctant to attend the BBQ because he hasn’t yet developed a relationship with Tane or Nikau, but Chloe persuades him. The Paratas decide to play a similar practical joke on Theo as they did on Ryder when he first started dating Chloe.


Theo experiences several amusing taunts throughout the BBQ and worries that Chloe’s family doesn’t think much of him. Tane throws Theo into the pool as a last-minute practical joke, but Theo laughs it off and is happy to be accepted into the family as a result.

4. Logan departs from the Bay

Logan makes touch with the military to ask about re-enlisting. Later, when Mac goes to the hospital to find Logan, she discovers that the new doctor, Dr. Bolton, has already taken his post.

Logan leaving without saying goodbye broke Mac’s heart. After his challenging few months, she leaves him a voicemail, to which he replies, stating he couldn’t stay in the Bay any longer.

5. Xander and the new doctor disagree

Jackie is brought into the hospital by Xander. Jackie claims to be in a lot of pain, but Dr. Bolton ignores her complaints.


Xander informs Jackie that she has a right to a second opinion if Dr. Bolton continues to be unhelpful. Dr. Bolton believes that Xander is undermining him, which has caused an argument.

6. Xander learns something concerning Dr. Bolton

When Xander finds out that Bolton is the new ED director, he realises he might have picked the wrong physician to question. Concerned that Xander has expended significant effort on a patient who is not his responsibility, Jasmine voiced her worries.

The patient who Xander suggested seek a second opinion later turns out to have an ovarian cyst that has burst. Bolton was instructed not to return because this wasn’t his only error during his shift.

7. Ziggy battles Dean once more

Following their argument regarding Dean’s connections to the River Boys, Ziggy returns home and confronts Dean. The two have obviously missed one another, but Ziggy is still concerned that Dean might be putting his life in risk by continuing to hang out with the surfer crew.

Ziggy cautions her that she must accept Dean for who he is in order to stay with him if he continues to be associated with the River Boys.

8. Cash and Rose stay together the night

Cash enjoys himself by getting wasted at the Paratas’ BBQ while Jasmine is working a night shift. He then keeps downing drinks with Rose, but he quickly regrets it after realising that he doesn’t want Jasmine to see him intoxicated.


Cash awakens in Rose’s car the following morning with only foggy recollections of the previous evening. Rose clarifies the situation by saying that nothing inappropriate occurred between them and that they simply slept in the car together because she was too inebriated to drive them home.

Cash is faced with the decision of whether to tell Jasmine what transpired between him and her sister despite the fact that he hasn’t cheated.

9. Jasmine departs the Bay

Robbo’s mother has had a heart attack, Jasmine is informed via phone. She makes the decision to relocate to the Shaw family farm where she will assist while Wendy is recovering.

Cash determines that now is not the time to inform Jasmine about his unpleasant oversight with Rose, but he makes a secret pledge to do so as soon as she returns.

In actuality, Cash might not have the opportunity because Sam Frost, who played Jasmine, has permanently left the soap opera.

10. Mac learns concerning information

When Dean receives a troubling phone call, he goes to Mac to talk about it.

Mac is startled to learn that her rent is six weeks over due and she will be evicted in seven days after the real estate agent calls to confirm this.

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