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11 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week (July 18 to 22)


As Chloe decides to sell up on Neighbours the following week, Number 24 becomes a hot topic because there are several well-known people interested in purchasing it.

Amy expresses her feelings for Toadie in the meantime.

Here are 11 Neighbours hints for the upcoming week.

1. Izzy wants to ask Karl something

Izzy Hoyland arrived in top shape in Erinsborough. Izzy, who is now dating Malcolm Kennedy, adores how upset Susan is over her connection with Karl. When she makes a request of Karl that puts him in a difficult situation, Susan becomes even more enraged.


Izzy informs Karl that Mal truly wants to return to the region, and if Karl can get Susan to support them, she will see to it that Holly moves along with them. However, Susan is adamant that they won’t play her game once she learns about it.

2. Do Nicolette and Kiri have a romantic chemistry?

Nicolette and Kiri finally take some proactive measures to make it work next week after it seemed for a while that they would never get together. Nic has chosen to maintain his cool demeanour despite Kiri’s strong desire to continue things.

The two eventually have an honest discussion after Kiri advises that they take a break at River Bend. Although it appears like they will find happiness, there is still a challenge ahead.

3. Jane brings unfavourable news for Clive

With Jane and her children, Clive is still in hot water, and when he goes to number 32 to talk, he just makes matters worse when he argues with Byron.


When Jane tells Clive to leave, he realises how much work needs to be done if he wants to have any chance of setting things right. But he might not have the chance because Jane subsequently meets with him and advises him that it would be best for them to part ways. Is this the end of Clive and Jane’s journey?

4. Paul is in shock following Shane’s audacious move

Paul is pleased with Shane Ramsay’s offer of a partnership, but he is unaware that Shane has been conducting research and learning a lot of intriguing stuff from Tim Collins.

For the sake of nostalgia, Paul offers that he and Shane play a game of blackjack. However, the game is not what Paul had hoped for, and Shane divulges what he has discovered. He no longer wants to work together; instead, he wants to buy Paul out of Lassiters entirely.

5. Chloe announces her departure from Erinsborough

When they noticed a for sale sign had been put up, the inhabitants of number 24 were surprised. Chloe, who has since returned, has confirmed that she is really selling up. Paige Smith, who is also returning to the town to supervise the transaction, is the person selling the home.


The ladies are upset that Chloe is moving out and that they will need to find a new place to live, but when an old face shows up, Chloe’s plans to move to Adelaide are about to be derailed.

6. Terese thinks about purchasing River Bend

Next week, when Glen suggests that Terese purchase River Bend, she is faced with a decision. Terese acknowledges that she does believe the location has the potential to be her new home as the two travel there with Kiri.

However, Kiri swiftly discovers that another party is preparing to make an offer, so Terese must make a choice right away. Terese might be the newest person to decide to leave Ramsay Street.

7. Paul makes a significant choice

Paul is shocked by Shane’s intention to entirely buy him out of Lassiters, and when Shane meets with Lucy, he gets the impression that things might not be looking well.

Paul is feeling down, so Leo decides to arrange a surprise group video conference to perk him up. This makes Paul consider moving to New York instead of Erinsborough for the future. How will Terese react if Paul leaves the region permanently? Is he really thinking about leaving?

8. Amy tells Toadie everything

Next week, Amy’s discomfort and embarrassment around Toadie and Melanie reaches a point where she is unable to conceal it and tells him directly about her emotions for him.


Toadie is shocked by the statement and assures Melanie that he was unaware that Amy was feeling that way and is perplexed as to where it originated. The two decide that they must speak with Amy, but they quickly discover that she has taken a drastic course of action.

9. Susan finds Mal and Izzy’s ambitions revolting

The beginning of the following week finds Susan and Izzy in a very difficult situation, and things do not get much better as the week progresses. Susan is clear that she does not want Izzy to return to Erinsborough where she can cause even more trouble. Susan is already incensed that Izzy would use Holly to try and have her own way with Karl.

When Susan finds out that Izzy and Mal are not only moving to Erinsborough, but may end up far closer to the Kennedy home than she had ever anticipated, her rage only grows.

10. Chloe receives an unexpected visitor

Since she got back from Adelaide, Chloe has been acting a little odd, and everyone thinks her plan to leave town is more complicated than she is letting on.

Yes, there is something else going on, and it appears to have something to do with the person who shows up unexpectedly at Chloe’s door.

What will Chloe do when they converse when the returning face makes a request of her that catches her off guard and might cause her intentions to change?

11. The Ramsay Street history book is put into production

Wendy destroyed the renowned Ramsay Street history book, and despite the fact that she is unaware of what she done, a team has been put together to create a replacement.

In order to fill the book, Freya and Levi go out to a large number of former Erinsborough inhabitants and ask them to send in their reflections on life on the streets. Will their updated edition of the well-known novel, though, do the original justice?

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