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Where is Home and Away’s Jessica Tovey now? Inside mum life and university!


Jessica Tovey, better known to us as Belle Taylor from her time on Home and Away, has undergone significant life changes since the days she finished filming on Australia’s most popular soap opera.

It appears that her life has altered significantly now that Jess is a mother, even if she is still occasionally showcasing her acting talent in small roles.

She gave birth to a daughter the previous year, who is soon to become one.

Here is everything else we currently know about Jess’s life.


Even today, Jess is most known for her role as Belle Taylor in Home and Away, which she started when she was only 18 years old.

But when Belle was killed off, 13 years have passed since she left the show.

Since then, Jess has been in Wolf Creek, Dance Academy, Paper Giants, The Golden Mile, and Underbelly.

Most notably, she played a Bad Mother in the television series in 2019, which gave her cause to pause and consider her position on parenting.


“I believe the thing for me is just how becoming a mother undoubtedly transforms your universe’s core. Which I haven’t experienced because I’m not a mother yet,” she admitted to 9Honey.

She jokingly said, “I’m still very much the centre of my universe.

Although it was accurate at the time, Jess has been dating fellow actor Damien Strouthos for two years at this point.

Her announcement that she was expecting the couple’s first child in June 2021 made it plain that her feelings had changed.


She joked with a photo, “What has two thumbs and just finished a two and a half hour social psychology exam – this bish.”

A second post by Jess had the caption, “And all while a lil human kicked me in the vag – so pretty happy with that.”

We believe it is safe to assume that Jess was pursuing her degree at the time, but we wonder if it was put on hold while her daughter Scarlett was still a baby.

In photos that have since been deleted from her Instagram feed, the birth was announced in October 2021.

Since becoming a mother, Jess has been very silent on social media, although she occasionally makes an exception to post a thank-you message to her partner Damien or a photo of the sunset with Scarlett on her hip.

Although he recently posted to advertise his new programme, The Twelve, Damien also maintains a fairly low profile on social media.


In the Foxtel original, which also stars Brooke Satchwell, Sam Neill, Kate Mulvany, and Marta Dusseldorp, Damien plays Alexi.

The 10-episode miniseries is now airing on Foxtel and is further accessible on Foxtel Now.

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