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Turia Pitt biopic ‘on hold’ after Home and Away actress Tammin Sursok was set to play the inspirational athlete and burns victim in movie 


The scheduled film about Turia Pitt, starring Tammin Sursok from Home and Away, has been put on hold.

Tammin, 40, revealed in 2019 that she will be playing the brave athlete who, twelve years prior, was horribly burned over sixty-four percent of her body in a wildfire.

On Tuesday, however, Turia revealed to The Daily Telegraph that more negotiations with the American actress had been postponed.

Regarding the planned biopic, the mother of two stated, “That was on the cards, but not at the moment.”


“It is not something that is at the top of my priority list,” she continued. I don’t think, “Let’s try to get this movie made,” every day. I’m not even going to try that.

I genuinely don’t think I have any influence over whether a film is created or not.

She remarked, “I believe I would be (involved).” “It would be extremely strange if a movie was made and I only happened to watch it on television.” That would be really peculiar.

When the 36-year-old mother of two was participating in an ultramarathon in Western Australia in 2011, she was caught in a wildfire and managed to survive against all odds.


After suffering terrible burns over 64% of her body, the Celebrity Apprentice star went on to become a motivational speaker.

She spoke candidly earlier this year about the fallout from the incident eleven years later, stating that in the early phases of her hospital stay, she “wanted to die.”

Thankfully, Turia regained her will to live, and she went on to become a well-known motivational speaker who has inspired thousands of people with her tale.

Ten years after the horrific event that almost caused their relationship to end, Turia recently declared she was “proud” of her relationship with her fiancé Michael Hoskin.


The two announced their engagement in 2015. Michael had previously disclosed that he had purchased the diamond ring in 2011 while Turia was in critical condition.

In December 2017, the couple welcomed their first son, Hakavai, and in February 2020, they welcomed their second son, Rahiti.

On the other hand, audiences are most familiar with Tammi Sursok from her portrayal of Dani Sutherland in the television series Home in Away.

The famous soap opera star, who was born in South Africa, starred there from 2000 to 2004.

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