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The cameo NO ONE saw coming: Britney Spears was set to star on Home and Away… but actor who plays icon Alf Stewart was NOT happy about it


Long-running Australian A-listers have appeared in Home and Away, from Chris Hemsworth to Isla Fisher.

However, Christie Hayes, who played Kirsty Phillips on the show for more than a decade, startled listeners on her radio programme on Tuesday by revealing Britney Spears was originally supposed to appear in a cameo role.

She added that the singer of Baby One More Time was cast as a “lovely girl.”

Christie, 35, claimed that Ray Meagher, a very recognisable cast member, had some issues with the choice to have Britney appear on the soap opera.


“Britney Spears wants to come on Home and Away, does anyone object?” our producer Russell announced during a cast meeting.

, everyone answered “yeah,” she chuckled.

Her appearance, in his opinion, “would shatter the illusion of the act,” said Meagher, who has played Alf Stewart on the show since 1988.

Christie, on the other hand, was optimistic about the pop star’s appearance on the show and thrilled to be in a scene with her.


Sadly, due to increased travel and security concerns following the September 11, 2001 attacks, the Princess of Pop withdrew.

Over the past year, Britney’s battle to end her father Jamie’s conservatorship over her has garnered headlines across the globe.

After 13 years, it was ultimately terminated in November after a judge determined it was “no longer required.”

Her father Jamie had previously been in charge of her financial and personal choices.


After signing a book deal apparently worth millions, she is supposedly ready to talk about her life, work, and family in an upcoming tell-all, according to Page Six.

According to insiders, the diva “will keep nothing back” in her upcoming book, according to Us Weekly.

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