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Neighbours final week spoilers: Susan loses son Mal forever to Izzy in devastating scenes?


Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) of Neighbours has found that Izzy (Natalie Bassingthwaighte) returning to the scene has not been ideal given that the home wrecker has moved in with Susan’s son Malcolm (Benjamin McNair).

Given the difficult circumstances, Susan is forced to make decisions that could completely ruin the Kennedy family.

Izzy’s nonsense is flatly rejected by Susan, who pushes back against her. She comes up with her own strategy to defeat her foe, but it will have repercussions.

Izzy has a run-in with another Ramsay Street resident while Susan is busy planning, and she later feels proud after learning about Susan’s scheme. Izzy gains the upper hand once more as Susan is frustrated.


Giving Mal a deadline is the unthinkable that Susan is obliged to do. Unfortunately for her, this plot goes horribly wrong when Mal picks Izzy over his mother.

Susan is inconsolable. Has she let the same lady ruin her marriage once again take her eldest son?

Susan might not need to worry just yet, though. Izzy runs across Shane Ramsay (Peter O’Brien), but she doesn’t let his wealth sway her; she stays true to herself. She has already acted dishonestly before she can even use the word adultery.

When Karl and Susan find out about this terrible transgression, they get ready for the consequences that will follow. But Izzy surprises them because she always manages to keep everyone on their toes.


What will this signify for the Kennedys and what will be her next move?

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