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Kylie Minogue reveals why she was persuaded to return to Neighbours


Kylie Minogue has spoken out about her return to Ramsay Street for the soap’s conclusion, outlining why she opted to do so.

Minogue spoke to Glamour while attending the Cannes Film Festival about what inspired her to reprise her role as Charlene Robinson alongside her on-screen husband Jason Donovan, who plays Scott.

“It’s just a thank you to the devoted fans who remember the show’s early years,” she remarked.

“I’ve worked with celebrities you’ve heard of, incredibly awesome megastars, and world-famous figures. Then they’ll ultimately admit that they used to watch Neighbours in high school and would skip school to catch the lunchtime show.


“They’ll throw in a small Neighbours story, and it’s just so touching because it’s about moments we can’t touch — completely different times.”

The singer and actress also discussed her early career and getting a spot on the renowned soap opera.

She went on to say, “It really got me thinking about it.”

“I had just graduated from high school and had recently completed an audition for Neighbours. I got the work, and I was relieved to have one because I’d just signed up for the dole a few weeks previously, but because I got the job, I never received my welfare check!


“I needed to earn a living, and I needed to work. It was supposed to be a one- to twelve-week stay on the show, so if it didn’t work out, I would have been fired after a week or two. I was still there two and a half years later, and the frenzy had set in.”

Minogue starred in Neighbours for two and a half years, from 1986 to 1988, as Charlene. After 37 years on the air, the popular soap is due to end this August.

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