Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Take a look At some of the pictures which shows the Fate of Colby from Home and Away

Colby is Sitting in The Courtroom

Angelo Watches on Bizarrely

Angelo is Presenting his Evidence first

Taylor has a Lucky Escape

dean is Observing Things closely

The Situation is getting Worst for Colby

Here Comes another Shock for Colby

Shockingly! Willow has Betrayed

Dean And Bella are Surprised to see the Truth

Willow Looks on

Some Evidence from Willow

Dean Is Furious

Willow’s Evidence paved The Way

Dean is Excluded from the scene

Colby Turn to face some music

Guy is now in the Prison

Towards his Cell!

The Future is not looking so good!

Jasmine reached out to Dean

Dean is Explaining

Jasmine is looking a bit concerned Here!

Martha and ALF also not looking pleased

Colby is going a bit over the limits

Dean is outraged

Ziggy is Surprised

Dean needs ziggy by his Side

Ziggy has to make a call now!

AlF is Worried about Ryder

ALF discussing some important matters

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