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Steamiest ever Neighbours scenes – desk romp, s*xy nurse role play and box of s*x toys


In Neighbours, Paul Robinson discovers Montana and Leo are dating after seeing the two of them in a compromising position.

It’s not the first time a love relationship has been uncovered on Ramsay Street, and it won’t be the last.

Hundreds of Erinsborough residents have locked lips or enjoyed a passionate romance in the most unexpected of settings since the soap began in 1985.

There have also been innumerable affairs, flings, and short moments of lust that have startled the street.


The Daily Star looks back at some of Neighbours’ s*xiest moments as Paul grows apprehensive of what will happen to Leo and Montana’s romance.

Playing in a hay barn

When Paige Smith and Jack Callahan got steamy among the hay in a barn yard, they turned up the heat in the most unlikely place.

After a frolic in the hay, the pair nestled up together under a blanket, looking lovingly into each other’s eyes while they concealed their modesty – and the eyes of the spectators – from their bodies.

Paige had previously been in relationships with both Mark and Tyler Brennan, and despite Mark’s best efforts, Paige had to confess to him that she had slept with Jack.


She and Jack eventually departed Ramsay Street, but two years later, Jack revealed his desire to return to the Priesthood, and their relationship came to an end.

Workplace romance

Many TV shows and Hollywood films have featured love encounters in offices, but Neighbours’ take on the topic surely got people’s hearts beating.

Chloe and Leo had an evening of wild romance at the office before her sad death in the Erinsborough storm, when she climbed on his desk and kissed her fellow resident.

Things quickly became sweaty and steamy for the couple after grabbing Leo by his shirt collar.


However, the situation was so precarious that the Neighbours crew reportedly had to hire stunt coordinators to ensure that the performers did not injure themselves.

That is what we refer to as a wild office romance.

S*x fantasies

Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) struggled with her affections for Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) for months in 2019, as their will they/won’t they romance rumbled on.

Elly seemed so calm after getting a massage together that she went asleep and dreamed about Chloe in a really steamy s*x fantasy.

Elly rushed away halfway through the treatment, leaving Chloe perplexed, because she didn’t want to tell her what she was thinking about.

Elly chose to leave Erinsborough with Shaun Watkins and daughter Aster, so fans know they didn’t grow up together.


Kissing in the pool

Paige has had a number of steamy moments on Neighbours, including her wet and frantic poolside kiss with Tyler.

Paige’s love for Tyler’s brother Mark were not reciprocated after a catastrophic date in which Paige showed up wearing a dress that had once belonged to Mark’s late fiancée Kate Ramsay.

Once their sizzling snog under the Ramsay Street moonlight, she locked lips with Tyler, and the two became a couple after the water cooled down their heated snog.

Her affections for Tyler’s brother Mark, on the other hand, could not be denied, and she ended her relationship with Tyler and became engaged to Mark instead.

However, Mark’s heartbreak came when he realised he couldn’t trust Paige and decided to call off their engagement on their wedding day instead.

Theft of s*x toys

Karl and Susan may be Erinsborough’s longest-running pair, but that doesn’t mean their romance has grown old.

Hendrix was humiliated in 2020 after discovering a box of their sex toys in their bedroom by mistake.

The adolescent was surprised when he opened the wrong box after being sent inside to get a barbeque dish.

Hendrix, sensing an opportunity for a joke, decided to keep the toys instead of returning them, and instead disgrace the couple with hilarious results.

It was their first night together

Although David Tanaka and Aaron Brennan made history by becoming the first gay couple to marry on an Australian television show, their relationship has had its ups and downs.

Before they married, the pair split up for a while, and David began dating Rafael Humphreys.

Rafael flaunted his toned abs to the cameras before wooing David in a sequence of personal and sensual moments on their first night together, making it one of Neighbours’ most erotic moments.

When it was discovered that Rafael had deceived David in order to harm Paul Robinson’s business, their romance came to an abrupt end, and David went on to reunite with Aaron, becoming one of the street’s favourite couples.

Roleplaying that is se*y

Fans of Neighbours will agree that the show would be incomplete without Karl and Susan Kennedy.

The Ramsay Street couple has provided fans with plenty of laughs over the years, including their humorous bedroom role play.

From Susan dressing up as a seductive masseuse to Karl dressing up as a doctor and seducing Susan while wearing only a doctor’s coat and a stethoscope, the couple has certainly been creative in the bedroom.

Susan and Karl looked uncomfortable as their se*xy roleplay was uncovered – all while being partly naked at the time.

A sultry affair

Despite the fact that Karl and Susan are an iconic pair, Karl has not been the most devoted of husbands to his wife, having had numerous indiscretions during his stay on Ramsay Street.

The most famous incident came when Karl fell in love with Izzy, a newcomer to the block, and the two secretly carried out their sexual activities.

Susan, too, was taken aback by their affair, which left both viewers and Susan in shock.

There was more drama to come, with Izzy becoming pregnant, concerns over Karl’s paternity, and Karl eventually attempting to reclaim Susan.

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