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Lukas Radovich, star of Home and Away, wants the show to tell more LGBTQ+ stories.


Lukas Radovich, star of Home and Away, has called for the show to have more LGBTQ+ storylines.

Ryder Jackson, the actor’s character, was involved in a storyline in 2018 in which his friend Ty Anderson formed feelings for him. Ty misjudged their relationship and went in for a kiss, which Ryder didn’t return because he’s straight.

Lukas praised the plot and revealed that he wanted Ty to stay in Summer Bay in an interview with the Soap from the Box podcast.

He thought the plot was a “step in the right direction,” but he wanted to see more from the film.


“Ty and Ryder had a fantastic friendship,” Lukas said. “In a way, it preached acceptance without needing to preach.” Ryder’s answer was brilliant, in my opinion.

“It was definitely the best-written storey I’ve ever had on the programme,” says the host. For the scripts that we were using, it was the most well-thought-out and had the most draughts. Because it’s such a sensitive subject, particularly in soaps and especially in Australia, it made such a difference in the storytelling.

“I believe Australian television is traditional, so for a show to be able to do that was fantastic.”

“My only regret is that Ty didn’t stay for a little longer because I think it would have been nice to see him grow as a character, have him on the show, and be able to find love properly.” But I suppose it’s a positive move forward, and I’d like to see it happen again.


“On the show, there are heterosexual kisses, and that’s great.” It was an excellent first step in the right direction, but I believe there should be more.”

Willow Harris and Alex Neilson have been in a same-sex relationship on the Australian soap since Lukas and Ty’s storyline. However, a same-sex kiss between them was cut from the Australian broadcast of an episode, causing controversy.

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