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Secret talent, disturbing discoveries and shock stabbing: 7 huge Home and Away spoilers


Dean (Patrick O’Connor), Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) are worried about Mackenzie’s (Emily Weir) safety after learning that she believes the only way to pay off debts is to sleep with enigmatic and wealthy gambler PK (Ryan Johnson). They try to warn her that she’s being conned, but she doesn’t pick up the phone. Has the worst happened this morning, as Mackenzie sobs on the beach in her last night’s gown?

Meanwhile, Theo (Matt Evans) and Chloe (Sam Barrett) are dating, and she shows up at his house after work with leftovers from the Diner for them to eat. She continues to avoid home in the morning, and Marilyn (Emily Symons) says she would benefit from a distraction. Theo continues to surprise Chloe by pulling out a guitar and begins to sing at a romantic sunset picnic…

Here’s what’s on the horizon for Home and Away starting Monday, June 20.

Mackenzie deceives Logan in order to pay off her debts?

Dean, Ziggy, and Felicity were recently astounded to learn that PK offered Mackenzie the opportunity to’repay’ her debts to him by staying the night in his hotel. They see she’s being duped by the wealthy gambler, who is taking advantage of her ignorance, but Mackenzie is ignoring their calls as she heads over to PK’s place. She maintains her charm until she arrives, but it’s evident she’s nervous since she can’t relax. PK puts a glass in her hand and gives her a massage… Dean and Ziggy find Mackenzie on the beach in the same dress she wore the night before, and she breaks down in tears. Has Mackenzie deceived Logan in order to repay a debt that doesn’t exist?


On a surprise date with Chloe, Theo exhibits a hidden ability

Theo and Chloe are gradually strengthening their bond, but it’s evident that Chloe is still dealing with the fallout from Nikau reading her diary and erupting at her during Ryder’s farewell party. Marilyn suggests that Chloe needs a distraction, and Theo blindfolds her and walks her down to a romantic sunset picnic complete with beers and a campfire. The gesture astounds Chloe, but she’s even more taken aback when he pulls out a guitar and begins performing her a song…

Rose learns some unsettling information about PK

Felicity reconsiders her decision to refuse Rose’s invitation to investigate PK, and Rose is eager for a change from mundane small-town policing. She finally gets a hit after a while and summons Felicity to the caravan park, telling her to bring drinks. She reveals that, while she didn’t find anything on PK, she did find some information about his associate, Nathan Silva. He has a history of bankruptcy, and he was sued by an investor. Someone bailed him out just as he was about to go to jail, and Rose assumes it was PK. If PK is using this as leverage against Nathan, Nathan might be dangerous and unpredictable…

Logan and Xander had a heated argument over Millie

Logan is summoned to the station for a follow-up interview, during which Cash inquires about his speed. He then learns that the general view is that Logan is to blame for Millie’s friend’s death in a vehicle accident. With this news weighing heavily on his mind, Logan pays a visit to Millie in the hospital and inquires about the accident. His interrogation brings her to tears, and Xander is enraged to be present at the situation. Outside, he confronts Logan, accusing him of being unprofessional, and Logan retaliates — why is he so close to a patient?

Millie, after strolling into the waves fully dressed, does she drown?

When Xander goes to the hospital to check on Millie, he is shocked to learn that she has left. Furthermore, she hasn’t been discharged, therefore he is anxious about her safety. Nikau and Chloe are on the beach when they observe a woman wandering out to the waves while he and Jasmine seek for her. Nikau cautions her not to approach the deadly rip tide, but she persists in walking, prompting him to launch into rescue mode. Millie begins to sink as the waves become more violent. Will she perish in the violent rip as she tries to understand the accident’s aftermath?


Two strangers vandalise Salt and kidnap Mackenzie and Dean

Mackenzie has been attempting to exact vengeance on PK following his con, which resulted in her spending the night in his hotel room. She proposes another VIP poker night, but Nathan overhears their conversation and cautions her not to mess with PK. She tosses him out of Salt, but as she’s about to close up shop for the night, two rough-looking men barge in and start wrecking the business, throwing her and Dean to the floor while brandishing a knife…

Tane is stabbed in the stomach and is battling for his life

Two thugs have kidnapped Mackenzie and Dean after storming into Salt around closing time and destroying the restaurant. Tane and Felicity decide to go upstairs for a nightcap, only to be confronted with a violent scenario. Tane and Dean leap into action, tackling the two attackers, but as the thugs flee, everyone notices Tane is covered in blood on the floor — he’s been stabbed…

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