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Home and Away Logan star’s life – abrupt soap exit, famous mum and twin co-star split


Dr. Logan Bennett hasn’t even been in Summer Bay for a year, but his departure from the show will be seen by British fans in July.

On June 6th, Australian audiences bid farewell to the character. Logan decided to re-enlist in the army’s medical unit after resigning from his employment at the Northern Districts Hospital.

This came after the hunky medic went through a horrific period in which he was wrongfully accused of causing death through hazardous driving.

He also broke up with Mackenzie Booth after learning that she had been holding illegal poker sessions at Salt, which had put her in a perilous situation.


As fans prepare to bid their goodbyes to the character, Daily Star Showbiz takes a peek at actor Harley Bonner’s off-screen life.

A well-known mother

Harley was born on April 27, 1991, in Melbourne, Australia.

Carla Bonner, better known as Erinsborough favourite Steph Scully on Neighbours, is his mother. Between 1999 and 2018, Carla reprised her role as the drama-prone Steph on multiple occasions.

Harley has a younger brother as well.


The actor previously stated that he did not want to live in the shadow of his mother, saying: “I told my agency when I originally signed with him that I wanted to be my own person.

“‘I don’t want to be known as Carla Bonner and Steph Scully’s son — not that I have anything against Neighbours, but it’s something I’d rather avoid.’

Ramsay Street

Despite his initial aversion to following in his mother’s footsteps, Harley changed his mind and joined Neighbours in early 2013 to play swim champion Josh Willis.

The job changed the young actor’s life, as his popular character went through plenty of soap opera drama, including an abseiling injury that terminated his swimming career, as well as being the victim of a ‘coward punch.’


When the boiler room of Lassiter’s Hotel exploded in 2016, Josh was killed.

Stunning spouse

On the 18th of February 2022, Harley married his partner, mode Natalie Roser, at Krinklewood Estate in New South Wales, Australia.

Natalie, who has 1.4 million Instagram followers, posted several photographs from the wedding.

She captioned one snapshot of her and Harley heading down the aisle and afterwards posing for a wedding photo, “Mr & Mrs Bonner est 2022.”

Since 2017, the couple has been together.

Natalie has been modelling since she was 13 years old. She was a Miss Universe Australia finalist and lived and worked in Los Angeles.


This follows his breakup with co-star Ariel Kaplan, who played his twin sister Imogen.

Ariel gushed throughout the romance, which began in 2013,: “Every day, I become fonder of him. It’s all fantastic.

“Harley is the most laid-back person on the planet, while I am quite structured and organised.

“I pushed him to be a little more punctual, and he responded by relaxing me.

Every day, I become fonder of him. It’s all fantastic.

However, after three years together, the couple announced their split in 2016, with Ariel stating that they had terminated their romance amicably and “still chatted every day.”

Summer Bay

Although Harley isn’t the first actor to switch Erinsborough for Summer Bay, fans of the show swooned when he debuted as Dr. Logan in August 2021.

His arrival was hailed as a major coup for the beach drama, and show creators had big ideas for the character’s future.

However, the show’s Australian network, Channel Seven, issued a directive on January 10 requiring all workers to be double-vaccinated against Covid in order to continue working.

On the 8th of January, a statement was released stating: “When production restarts in the coming weeks, Channel Seven can confirm that Harley will not be returning to Home and Away.

“Harley goes with our best wishes and heartfelt gratitude for his contributions to the show,” stated the spokeswoman.

Bonner and Seven have yet to confirm or deny that his resignation was linked to the vaccine mandate.

Logan leaves off-screen, leaving Mackenzie with a voicemail from him.

Sam Frost, who played Jasmine Delaney on Home and Away, left the show in December, two months after announcing she had not had the Covid vaccine.

She has since been double-vaccinated, according to reports.

Harley Bonner went on a long rant against so-called “cancel culture” to his 98,000 Instagram followers in February.

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