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Sam Frost divides fans by refusing to take part in this one wedding tradition with fiancé Jordy Hansen


Sam Frost has provided further details about her upcoming nuptials to Jordie Hansen, including one contentious custom she won’t be following.
On Monday night, the actress shared a number of fresh information about her and Jordie’s engagement on Instagram, including how he proposed and their future plans for a family.
But when the actress said she wouldn’t be adopting her husband’s last name when they get married next year, some fans were taken aback.
“My surname won’t be changing anytime soon. To set realistic expectations on our first date, I informed Jord: “Over a picture of his engagement, she revealed.

He responded, “That’s fair enough, why should you change your name?,” without blinking.
Sam admitted the custom just isn’t for her but said she appreciates that some people do change their last names, calling it a “wonderful commitment.”
“I’ve always had a bad feeling about it. My family, my identity, and my strong sense of connection to my surname all depend on it “She went on.
“I’m very fortunate to have a partner that is understanding and supportive. But our future offspring will be called “Hansen.””

Sadly, she received some criticism for that last remark. One man messaged her and demanded to know how she would explain the many surnames to future children.
Sam swiftly responded, “I’ll just tell them I “didn’t wanted to” alter my last name because it’s important to me,” and she clapped back.
She continued, “But they won’t care because they will have a mother who loves them without condition,” and later posted a screenshot of the exchange with the caption “I’m not in the mood Mike.”
Sam additionally revealed a previously unseen closeup of her engagement ring, which has a distinctive stone.

She described her ring as a “opal from Coober Pedy,” captioning a photo on Instagram Stories with the words “sometimes pink, sometimes blue.”
“I’m not a big fan of diamonds. I adore crystals and gemstones, and I’ve always favoured unusual jewellery. He did a great job, this is perfect “She remarked on Jordy’s unusual decision.
The former Home And Away star then discussed her upcoming nuptials. Fans who were anticipating a lavish celebrity wedding may be let down by what she had to say.
Sam added that she and Jordy were aiming for something lowkey, though they haven’t begun major planning yet, and that their wedding will be “very unique.”


We simply want to share our love with a small group of our favourite people, most likely in the spring or summer of next year, she said.
Even though it’s going to be a small wedding, we’re confident a few recognisable Summer Bay residents will be invited.
After Jordie proposed during a tour across central Australia, the couple made their engagement public in July, two months later.

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