Thursday, December 8, 2022

Newcomer Rick Donald from Home and Away reveals more about Martha’s big new storyline.

Rick Donald has opened up his role for the soap at Home and Away and what that means for the big new storyline of Martha Stewart.

In scenes yet to be broadcast in Australia and the United Kingdom, Martha (Belinda Giblin) will confide in Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) about how she has a secret son named Kieran (Donald) that Alf does not know about.

Martha has already seen Kieran receive a letter from Australian viewers, and she reveals that she has a difficult mother-son relationship and that she feels cautious about introducing him to the Stewart family.

Donald is now teasing viewers about what they can expect before his first scenes, which will air next week in Australia and early next year in the United Kingdom.

“The Kieran character has several layers,” said the New Idea magazine . He isn’t just a bad guy. He’s struggling with some mental health problems and he has some alcohol issues. He’s just a human being with flaws and to a large extent, a terrible past.

He’s trying to turn it all around, so the fact that there’s a real three-dimensional character in Kieran was pretty exciting for me.”

“Fair to say, I knew that Kieran would come in and be a little bit of a whirlwind in Stewart’s household,” he said He’s coming up when he was told not to, and he’s very keen to get his mom’s stuff right,” he said.

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