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Colby Thorne of Home and Away prepared for the tragic ending as Taylor star drops death hint

After his trial ended in chaos, Home and Away’s Colby Thorne is likely to be returned to prison for a very long time in a new trailer, so what does that mean for him and Taylor, his new love interest?

After his trial ended in turmoil in a new trailer, Home and Away’s Colby is likely to be sent away to jail, so what does that mean for him and Taylor?

After she arrived at Summer Bay, Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin) and Taylor Rosetta (Annabelle Stephenson) from Home and Away were having an illicit affair.

The couple were seeing each other behind the back of their husband, Detective Angelo Rosetta, who was investigating the murder of Colby.

But although Colby initially began the affair to try and find details, real emotions soon flourished.

The two have fallen in love, but now that Colby is headed for jail, their future is unclear.

Since Colby is sure to get a 25-year long jail sentence, does that mean they’re going to be split apart?

Speaking to the Daily Star, Annabelle was teased that the relationship would end in disaster as she compared them to Romeo and Juliet.

Fans of Shakespeare know that Romeo and Juliet were two star-crossed lovers, both of whom ended up dead in a tragic error.

She said, “Colby gives her the attention her husband was looking for, you can’t really blame her for being drawn to it but in the end, I think you know from the outside that none of the two of them deserves it.”

“Her and Colby find true love, they’re in love, and in the most unlikely and the most unfortunate of situations, you know why Colby murdered Ross, you feel for him.”

“She added: “You know why her husband worries Taylor, they find that their way to each other is unorthodox, but they are both deeply head over heels for each other.

It’s Romeo and Juliet’s home and away scenario, it’s not meant to be and it’s utterly against the odds.

“That’s the sad thing about everything.”

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