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8 big questions from Home and Away after this week’s Australian episodes

The Witness X tale came to a head this week at Home and Away in Australia and Colby Thorne was left facing possible danger.
Justin Morgan received some positive health news elsewhere, and an enormous truth about Martha Stewart’s history has been revealed.
Here are eight big questions we’ve been left with, after the most recent Australian episodes.

  • When is Willow coming back?

Summer Bay was rocked by the news that Willow is Witness X, but definitely, she did not stick around to face the repercussions. Realizing that when she returned, Dean and Bella were unlikely to forgive her for sentencing Colby to a jail sentence of 25 years, Willow left the bay without a word.

While Willow was later contacted by Ziggy to cheque on her, she did not answer her phone or respond to any messages.

Sarah Roberts, who plays Willow, has been photographed shooting on stage for Home and Away, so we know her character will finally be back. For now though, we can only imagine how long Willow would want to stay away.

Colby’s going to die in jail?

Colby faces a bleak future after his demise. Not only has he had no chance of parole for over 20 years, he is now living in fear of becoming a victim behind bars.

Dean and Bella both expressed concerns that the experience of Colby as a police officer would count against him in the harsh jail.Dean acknowledges, in fact, that policemen are frequently bullied when they themselves become criminals.
The new trailer for Home and Away confirms that the other inmates will ultimately be exposed to the past of Colby. Will Dean and Bella’s worst fears about Colby be realised?

  • Is there hope for Angelo and Taylor yet?

Taylor’s world had been turned upside down by the truth of Colby. She was surprised to discover that he had been lying to her for so long and had to admit that Angelo, her husband, was right about his guilt.

“I told you so,” Angelo resisted, acknowledging that being right about Colby didn’t feel as good as he thought it would, particularly because his marriage was the biggest casualty of the situation.
With both characters separated, is there any remaining hope for Angelo and Taylor’s future?

  • Is John ready to move on from Marilyn?

John’s experiment with a dating app took a farcical turn when his estranged wife Marilyn also signed up and accidentally “swiped right” to match him. John seemed to be optimistic about the possibility of a date for Marilyn, only for her to step in and set the record straight by clarifying that she had made a mistake.

Marilyn thought that using the dating app was a good idea, but John clearly felt different when he decided to stay on board. Is this how Susie seeks her next love interest, played by former McLeod’s Daughters star Bridie Carter?

  • Why did Martha call her son to call the police?

As she got a note from a man named Kieran, who wanted to see her, Home and Away kicked off a big new storyline for Martha. Martha decided to trust Irene, obviously-rattled, explaining that she has a secret son that Alf knows nothing about.

She’s wary of taking Kieran into the Stewarts’ orbit, but Martha has little to feel guilty about, unsurprisingly having a life of her own during her 30 years away from Alf.
She said she had a complicated relationship with Kieran, and the last time they saw him, she even called the police.
Martha remained silent on the reasons why it was not really the problem to just tell Irene that it was difficult and Kieran’s fault. Looks like life for the Stewart family is going to shake up when Kieran makes his debut soon.

  • Is Dean going to have to let Ziggy go?

At the end of the week, Dean induced Ziggy’s annoyance by continuously hassling her for a reunion. Having lost everything else in his life, Dean was determined to begin restoring his happiness, starting with Ziggy.

Repeatedly, Ziggy made it clear that she was not prepared to forgive Dean for his role in Ross’s murder, regardless of Colby’s taking all the blame. Refusing to take no for an answer, Dean arrived at the garage while Ziggy was working, and vowed not to quit until they repaired their relationship.
It is no secret that Ziggy will be moving closer to Tane in upcoming episodes, so Dean seems doomed to be left out in the cold. Is it time for him to take a step back?

  • Has Justin had a corner turned?

There was good news for Justin as he went under the knife for a second attempt at surgery to remove his tumour. Christian was able this time to remove a much more substantial amount of the tumour and was secretly told that Justin had turned a corner with his ordeal.

Justin also celebrated when during the operation, he was able to feel his legs, which had posed some risks to his future mobility. Although Christian warned that further tests would be required to better evaluate the operation’s success, did Justin now see the light at the end of the tunnel?

  • How much risk is there with the Paratas?

Mackenzie was willing this week to enter into a deal with the Parata family’s risky rivals, trying to save Ari and Tane from having to do another illegal job to repay their debt. Mackenzie met the thugs behind Ari’s back and gave them her luxury car in return for the freedom of the Paratas.

While the guys took the car, we know that the Paratas’ troubles are far from over, they’re going to be ordered to carry out an armed robbery as incoming episodes.

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