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“Welcome to the club”: Lukas Radovich leads tributes to Courtney Miller following her Home and Away exit


Following Courtney Miller’s departure from the popular soap, Lukas Radovich paid a touching homage to his former co-star and close friend Courtney Miller.

In honour of her upcoming chapter, the actor took to Instagram and shared a bunch of photographs of the Summer Bay veteran.

Lukas wrote, “Congratulations on becoming an ex-Home and Away star, my daughter.” “Hello and welcome to the club. What an adventure you’ve had. We had a great time. I took a lot of lousy pictures ❤❤.”

Courtney was quick to respond, amused by her friend’s post: “You are a poor photographer. You’re lucky, since I admire your bravery.”


In a touching tribute, veteran actress Georgie Parker tweeted a trio of images of Courtney, two of which included Lukas.

“Onward to your next amazing journey. We adore you, Court, and wish you the best of luck in all of your creative endeavours. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with next, dear “Georgie wrote the caption for the photo.

Sophie Dillman, who portrays Ziggy Astoni on the show, also tweeted a sweet selfie of herself and Courtney with the caption: “What a remarkable talent. You’re missed by the bay! @courtney_ally.”

The actress portrayed Bella Nixon on Home and Away until her departure. Her character, a photography aficionado, bid her goodbyes to the Bay after being offered a position in New York.


Courtney announced her departure on Instagram with a series of throwback photos from her time on the show, as well as some heartfelt thoughts about her experience.

“To the most exciting period of my life,” she wrote. “Thank you so much, @homeandaway. Bella, always and forever.”

The actress continued, ” “But most importantly… to the friends and family I’ve created. @lucyaddario @sophbabs @louise.bowes @brodietmacpherson and Julie deserve special mention ❤️.”

Courtney was quickly inundated with messages of encouragement from her Home and Away family.


Sarah Roberts, a fellow alum, was taken aback by the news, writing: “OMG are u gone????? ? My sweet river sis x ????????.”

Meanwhile, Georgie Parker, a long-time Summer Bay resident, expressed her admiration by writing, “Yay gorgeous one ❤️❤️❤️.”

Courtney’s leaving was likewise bemoaned by Lynne McGranger, who said, “Miss you darling ???.”

Courtney’s departure comes just a month after her pal Lukas’s career as Ryder Jackson on Home and Away came to an end.

To honour their journey together, Courtney wrote an equally emotional homage to her former co-star at the time of his final episode.

“Lukie. May we always be able to gaze at each other in this way, “she penned “Congratulations on your accomplishments over the past five years. I’m in love with you. We are devoted to you. You are adored by them. Ryder is still alive and well. ❤️❤️❤️?”


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