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Neighbours fans will recognise Estelle star from forgotten Ramsay Street role


Estelle, Terese Willis’ estranged mother, was recently welcomed to Ramsay Street by Neighbours fans, and viewers may know the actress from her previous stint on the soap.

Maria Mercedes has been cast in the part of Estelle Petrides, who made her first appearance on British television last month.

Estelle’s arrival comes at a time when Terese’s relationship with her estranged husband, Paul Robinson, is deteriorating.

Fans of the brilliant actress will recall her from her earlier performance as Lucia Cammeniti, the dominating and interfering mother.


Maria made her debut appearance on screen in 2004 and returned in 2006 for a longer guest role.

Fans may recall Lucia’s introduction to the show, in which her character ensured that her eldest daughter followed through on her intended marriage.

Lucia takes control of the family companies and becomes editor of All Her magazine after her father, Rocco Cammeniti, is sentenced to prison.

Maria’s recent role as Estelle, in which she meddles in her daughter’s tumultuous divorce, is now being watched by fans.


Terese is enraged when she learns that Paul has been hiding assets in preparation for their impending divorce.

Terese explores a method of retaliation after learning that Paul intends to scam her out of a fair settlement. She quickly changes her mind and realises that it isn’t worth it to fall to Paul’s level.

Terese’s focus switches when she unexpectedly runs across Estelle, who has recently moved in Erinsborough.

Even though Estelle claims that she has come to help Terese at this tough time, Terese is uneasy about the unexpected family reunion.


When Terese calls her brother Nick, she learns the real story: Estelle is homeless and in need of assistance.

Terese wants to attempt to repair her connection with Estelle, despite her disappointment, but it’s unclear whether she’ll ever be able to trust her mother.

Apart from Terese’s brother Nick’s appearances in 2015 and 2017, Terese’s family history has been rarely discussed on Neighbours.

Terese’s storylines with Paul and her new partner Glen Donnelly will take some twists and turns in the weeks ahead, and viewers will see Estelle in the midst of it.

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