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New Home and away Promo is out and it suggests that Christian may Break Tori’s Heart


Following his near-death encounter at the hands of Lewis Hayes, Christian (Ditch Davey) has undergone a significant personality change in recent episodes of the show (Luke Arnold).

The normally calm and cool neurosurgeon has begun to go a million miles per hour. After escaping Lewis’ clutches, his first step was to convince Tori (Penny McNamee) that he wanted them to move their wedding up by a few weeks.

Tori was taken aback, but quickly agreed, and began about creating the plethora of spreadsheets, roles, and tasks required to pull off their big day. Because the preparations were made at the last minute, locating a suitable venue was nearly difficult.

They even offered to handle the catering, which took care of two of the most difficult duties. The big day’s preparations were suddenly well underway.


Christian, on the other hand, quickly realised that organising and planning aren’t his cup of tea; instead, he’s taken to rising up early to see the dawn, skinny-dipping in the water, and driving through town in his automobile. All of this is in stark contrast to Tori’s more quieter, family-oriented life.

Their wedding is only a few weeks away, but the new ad suggests that something will come in the way as the big day approaches.

Christian asks Tori to marry him in the first scene of the dramatic trailer. Despite Christian’s protestations to the contrary, a lot has changed since then.

“So nothing has changed?” says the narrator. Tori, plainly concerned that Christian’s strange new behaviour has altered how he thinks about their relationship, asks in the next shot.


With a shake of his head, Christian tells her that “nothing has changed.”

However, it appears that he is not telling her the whole truth.

Tori conveys her fears to Leah in the next scene, informing her that “something is awry.” Is she seeing that her fiancé has become less enthusiastic about their upcoming wedding?

Cutting to a scene from last week, we see Christian speeding down an empty road in his automobile, reminding us of his new wild side.


“Is he getting cold feet?” reads the text over the top. “We’re supposed to be leaving for our wedding right now,” a worried Tori says.

What happened to prevent them from leaving on time for Victoria?

Christian tells her, “I love you so much,” but his voice is tinged with grief. Will his declaration of love be accompanied by a “but…”?

Tori, enraged, exclaims, “How did you have a complete personality change in a couple of weeks?”

Christian’s cold feet are going to have a big influence on the rest of the family. Over the last six months, he and Justin (James Stewart) have established a close bromance to the point where Justin “sacked” Christian as his doctor so that their friendship wouldn’t be harmed by his recurring back problems. Their friendship, though, may be coming to an end.

“You can’t abandon my sister halfway to the alter, mate,” Justin cautions Christian, pointing and raising his voice.


What is Christian’s thought process?

The trailer switches to two shots from a future moment in which Tori and Christian are both looking heartbroken. The trailer doesn’t show any words from this point, but do their reactions follow Christian’s painful confession that he’s having second thoughts?

The previously smitten couple are at Northern Districts Hospital in the most heartbreaking scene of the commercial, when Christian tells Tori, “I know we’re meant to be on the road.”

“Yeah, to get married,” an anxious Tori interrupts.

“However, I am unable to depart at this time!”

“What are you talking about?” His remarks catch her off guard, and she watches him walk away, distraught.

We wonder if his confession that he “can’t go now” is because he’s genuinely getting cold feet, or whether it’s simply because he can’t leave because of a professional emergency, such as an urgent brain surgery patient.

Is he going to break her heart? In a tumultuous few weeks in Summer Bay, we’ll find out soon enough. Continue reading for spoilers from the next week’s episodes, as well as more hints about what’s to come.

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