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Illegal business, runaways and surprise visits: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers


Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is shocked to learn that Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is sacking her from Salt this week on Home and Away. She’s perplexed as to what went wrong — after all, she’s a hard worker! After venting to Ryder (Lukas Radovich) and realising that Mackenzie had previously fired him only to subsequently change her mind, she chooses to return to work. She immediately realises, however, that the firing was not personal, and she learns the truth about Mackenzie’s rising debt. Felicity casually proposes an alternative: underground poker nights! Will Mackenzie, however, resort to unlawful means of profit in order to save her company?

Bella (Courtney Miller) is becoming increasingly irritated by Chloe’s (Sam Barrett) clinginess. Her friend even follows her to TAFE, insists on staying for a lesson, and then offers to assist her with her assignment. Bella tries to get Dean (Patrick O’Connor) to interfere, but he feels sorry for her and says she can stay another night, much to her chagrin. When Bella realises that Chloe has started doing her job for her in the morning, she snaps and demands Chloe to go, claiming that she has to face her own family…

Here’s what’s in store for the week starting Monday, May 2nd.

Mia’s sleepwalking is becoming increasingly perilous

Mia and Chloe have reconnected after a period of separation to mourn Ari’s death. Chloe acknowledges she’s having trouble processing the loss now that she and her mother are together in the same house. Mia proposes that she try to go back into her old pattern, with the first step being to work at the Diner. Mia returns to the gym, while Chloe grudgingly does so. Tane isn’t confident Mia is okay, and his concerns are confirmed when Mia vanishes from the house the next night. She’s sleepwalking once more, but this time she’s walking into oncoming traffic…


Felicity has a nefarious plan to help Mackenzie with her financial problems

Mackenzie is having significant debt issues at Salt, so she pulls Felicity aside and tells her she’ll have to let her leave in order to save money. Felicity is shaken, but after chatting with Ryder, she resolves not to give up easy and returns to the bar proudly. Mackenzie claims she can work as much as she wants if she doesn’t mind not getting paid, but she’s quickly distracted when a seafood supplier refuses to hand over the cargo since Mack hasn’t paid the invoice. Felicity separates Mackenzie from the rest of the group and learns about Mackenzie’s financial problems; she then devises a plan to make some quick cash. Salt Lake City’s underground poker nights…

Chloe is thrown out by Bella, who advises her to face her family

Chloe is making it apparent that she isn’t about to abandon Bella, even following her to a TAFE class and participating in the class. Back at the Farm House, Chloe prepares to assist Bella with her project, much to Bella’s chagrin. Chloe insists on working on it together, providing constructive criticism and even drafting a section of it overnight. Bella has reached the end of her patience and is upset that Dean is witnessing the situation but failing to set boundaries. Bella tells Chloe she had to go, go home, and face her family because she needs time to finish the project without having Chloe by her side all the time…

Nikau suspects Chloe of committing a heinous theft

Nikau is dealing with his sadness in his own unique way, rising with the sun and practising Taiaha warrior training on the beach. Meanwhile, Chloe returns home after Bella has sent her away, upset to see that her friend has made plans with Nikau right away. With a sense of betrayal, Chloe wonders why Nikau can assist Bella with her project but not with hers. She stews alone on the beach while Nikau and Bella collaborate on the TAFE project, drawing inspiration from Nikau’s warrior training. Nikau returns to his room later that night to find his Taiaha has vanished. He immediately suspects a furious Chloe as the perpetrator…

Marilyn begins yelling at people and rummaging through bins

Marilyn has returned from her trip to see Jett and Raffy, and as Roo stands outside the Surf Club in the morning speaking with Ziggy, Marilyn passes over her order. Marilyn, on the other hand, gets it backwards: her father has the tea, while she drinks the coffee, according to Roo. Marilyn becomes irritated, much to the astonishment of Roo and Ziggy, and snaps that if she doesn’t like the drink, she should make it herself. Marilyn continues to be unpleasant to customers throughout the day, making mistakes with orders and dropping plates. When Roo sees Marilyn at the trailer park, flustered and rummaging through the rubbish, her fears are confirmed…


As Leah reappears, does Theo flee the Bay?

Theo is distracted and worried at work at the garage, knowing that Leah is on her way back and that she’s been in the city talking to his father, Dimitri. Despite Justin and Ziggy’s best efforts to distract him, Theo is worried about his father possibly lying to Leah and leading her to kick him out. Justin then acknowledges that Leah is well aware of Theo’s video issues, adding to his concern. When Theo says he’s going to pick up some parts, Justin and Ziggy realise he’s lying when the supplier phones later. Justin is relieved to see Leah back at home, but he has bad news: half of Theo’s things, as well as his automobile, have vanished…

Jasmine receives a surprise visit from a stranger with whom she has a connection

Cash recently informed Jasmine that her father had departed rather unexpectedly. Jasmine is unfazed by the news at first, claiming that she hasn’t known him since he was six years old and that she can’t feel anything right now. However, the floodgates flow and Jasmine returns home, sobbing into Cash’s arms, after a few harsh words from an oblivious Felicity – notably, that while her father couldn’t help how he left the world, Jasmine’s father might have been a street away her whole life and she wouldn’t have known — They go out for supper later, and Irene is alone at home when she hears a knock. She hesitantly opens the door to a strange man and asks who he is. The man introduces himself as Xander, Jasmine’s brother…

Rose, a newcomer, has a thing for Jasmine’s boyfriend

Xander isn’t the only newbie to the Bay; he’s also accompanied by Rose, who is related to Jasmine’s long-lost relatives. For the time being, the couple is a mystery, but Rose stumbles into Cash while swimming in the ocean pool. Rose can’t help but stare at the police officer as he removes his shirt to go in, and she concedes she could get used to swimming here. Cash seems unconcerned with the flirtation, but will he hear from Rose again?

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