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Neighbours star Ryan Moloney shares how plans for Toadie Rebecchi changed


Ryan Moloney, a star of the soap opera Neighbours, has reminisced on his time there and discussed how the initial ideas for his character Toadie Rebecchi changed.

The actor, who has been a fixture on the serial since 1995, will leave the show when it ends later this month, along with the rest of the cast.

In response to the news of the cancellation, Moloney reflected: “It’s so tragic because the industry has taught a lot of people, and it’s a fantastic stormwater. So, the loss of this type of education is unfortunate.

“There is thankfulness present as well as an attempt to appreciate every second you have with these folks. The attitude of “Come on, let’s make this really good” is unmistakable. Let’s get this done extremely well.”


The celebrity lauded the “wonderful” fan response, stating: “Many people, in my opinion, have undoubtedly grown up with it simply being a part of their lives and the furniture in general. TV is mentioned in the same sentence.

“The majority of television programmes don’t last this long; if they’re lucky, they only last a few seasons before ending. We have so been extraordinarily fortunate to continue operating for this long. I consider it a great blessing that we have interacted with individuals for such a long time.”

When asked how Neighbours has affected him, Moloney thought: “Family security is probably the most important thing to me, I’ll admit. I mean, I grew up watching the programme, so that kind of helped me become who I am now.”

The actor continued by describing his first day—or two, as he had originally been cast in a different part and was only supposed to appear in one scene as Toadie.


He stated, “I had a first day playing a character called Cyborg, I was a guest, and he came in and wrecked the house that Doug Well was building. “After that, they called me and asked if my hair had changed. Come on in and play Toadie, please.

“Toadie, however, would only be present for one scene. I can therefore very vividly recall that one scene and how I was kind of off-set, getting ready to walk in and do him a little, before it was done in an instant.

“It was therefore like, “Eh, nice. Thank you for visiting. I’m good. Great. So there you have it. That’s it; now is your chance. We’ll talk afterwards. Thanks.’ So, the fact that I’m still here is both amazing and fortunate. People seem to be interested in what I do for some reason, so good times.”

The actor claimed that his “probably favourite thing” is that he is “free to be so ridiculously foolish at times.”


“I’m allowed to be extremely dramatic and lead him into moments of misery and angst, and then a few scenes later, I’m free to act in the silliest ways while experimenting with what I can get away with.

I’m therefore extremely fortunate that the producers and directors essentially let me do what I want to do, which is fantastic.

In 2020, former on-screen spouse Sonya Rebecchi would pass away, according to Ryan, who recalled: “We were incredibly fortunate to be able to go and do that. In the entire history of the programme, Neighbours performed a two-person sketch for the first time.

“I believe that kind of illustrates how much work everyone put into the episode. I was fortunate enough to do it with Eve, and together we were able to create a truly memorable moment.”

He said, recalling specific instances from the production of those scenes: “Since we actually filmed rather close to where I live, I can recognise it when I’m driving by. There, we done it.

“After she informs him she’s going to die, there was one scene that took place at the end of the day. In essence, we did our part, and it was dreadful. After that, we just kind of stood there while holding and admiring the scenery.


“You might not be aware of this, but until you two stopped hugging, everyone was completely still, according to one of the sound recordings. Everybody was simply in a state of shock and astonishment while exclaiming, “Whoa. That was interesting.”

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