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Neighbours star Rebekah Elmaloglou says the cast had NO IDEA when Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan were on set to shoot finale – while Guy Pearce ‘didn’t want any special treatment’


For the Neighbours season finale, Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan sneaked in to film their final scenes.

Rebekah Elmaloglou, a staple of Neighbours, claims that not even the main cast was aware that the celebrities were in Ramsay street.

In a Saturday interview with The Advertiser, the actress, 48, shared the behind-the-scenes information.

On the long-running soap opera, Rebekah, who portrayed Teresa Willis, revealed that the producers were determined to keep the couple’s return—as well as the return of their adored characters Scott and Charlene—”hush-hush.”


Rebekah told the publication, “I didn’t see Jason and Kylie; none of us at the studio were even aware they were at Ramsay Street shooting.”

Fans are ecstatic about the actor and pop star’s return to the show because Charlene and Scott’s love story won the hearts of Neighbours viewers all around the world.

Kylie and Jason joined a lengthy list of former Neighbours actors who were persuaded to return for the farewell episodes, which were filmed last month. Guy Pearce was among them.

Unlike the well-known ex-lovers, the Alien: Covenant star was a very conspicuous presence on the Neighbours set, according to Rebekah.


She gushed, “He was really amazing.” He wasn’t seeking any particular treatment; he was simply wandering the studios.

In the 1991 season of the competing soap opera Home and Away, Rebekah and Guy had a romantic relationship that only existed on screen.

After choosing not to renew its contract with production company Fremantle to produce and broadcast the series in March, UK channel 5 chose to cancel Neighbours.

Guy had a cast reunion while filming the poignant closing moments with Henrietta Graham, Annie Jones, Peter O’Brien, and Ian Smith, who played the illustrious Harold Bishop.


The intense secrecy surrounding the shooting of Jason and Kylie’s sequences could, however, be explained by a leaked script that reveals what happens to Charlene and Scott.

At the conclusion of the show, the couple will return to Erinsborough and deliver the epilogue, according to Popbitch.

According to Popbitch, the couple, whose televised wedding was seen by 22 million people in Australia and the UK, will return to Erinsborough and give the episode’s last lines.

On July 28, Channel 10 and 10Peach will carry the Neighbors conclusion.

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