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Home and Away tension for Leah and Justin in 23 spoiler pictures


Your complete gallery of images showcasing what will air on UK television in the week beginning July 18

Monday, July 18:

At Justin and Leah’s residence, the mood is tight. Chloe, Theo’s girlfriend, needed to stop spending so much time at the house, Justin informed her.

Both Theo and Justin seek out diversion. They play video games and drink. Theo is giving Chloe some space to calm down as she accuses him of failing to communicate with her about how his family was feeling sooner. Leah doesn’t like Justin either because he chastised her for telling Chloe the truth about overstaying her welcome.

Leah makes it home. Despite having a demanding day at work, she is still irritated with Justin.


Leah is taken aback by Justin’s demeanour. In his conversation with Chloe, Justin threw her under the bus and has yet to apologise.

Still not prepared to apologise, Justin. Leah is indeed invited to participate in the activities and beverages, but this gesture is poorly received.

Leah sets the rules. She tells Justin that he is welcome to rest tonight on the couch.

Leah is abandoned. Justin decides to spend the night at John’s house rather than snoozing on the couch.


Wednesday, July 20:

Chloe has great plans for today. She wants to properly welcome Theo into the Parata family when she has resolved her differences with him.

Theo has been invited to a family cookout by Chloe. But she wants everything to go well.

Theo shows up. He expects his time with the Paratas to be enjoyable.

Chloe is aware of Theo’s anxiety. Theo and Nikau or Tane have not yet formed a bond.


Theo believes he may have cause for concern. While Tane is someone he doesn’t want to get in trouble with, he has never felt particularly close to Nikau during his stay in the Bay.

Felicity goes to the party with Cash. Given that Jasmine is working the night shift at work, he believes it’s time to relax and enjoy the alcohol.

Nikau has a thought. He recalls how the Paratas deceived a fearful Ryder shortly after he and Chloe began dating.

Nikau chooses to treat Theo similarly. He makes some lighthearted jabs at Theo while acting as though he is not quite welcoming.

The joke is also on Tane. Theo is treated unfairly.

Theo thinks things aren’t going well. Their practical jokes entertain Nikau and Tane.


Theo attempts to unwind. By the pool, he spends some alone time with Chloe.

Nikau snaps a photo. They all take a group photo.

Theo rediscovers his humorous side. If Theo ever leaves Chloe, the Paratas make a joke about needing to remove him from the picture.

Another practical prank is being played on Theo. They have an idea, the Paratas.

Theo is pushed into the pool by Tane. Theo is taken off guard.

Theo rejects the humour. The Paratas finally give up their cold demeanour and fully accept Theo into the family.

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