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They always have a good time! A look back at some of the best celebrity cameos to ever happen on Home and Away


In its 34 years on television, Home And Away has spawned infinite drama and innumerable stars, including Chris Hemsworth, Heath Ledger, and Melissa George.

But every now and then, a familiar figure who doesn’t quite fit in appears.

The popular Australian serial features a bevvy of A-list cameos that you’ve probably forgotten about!

In 2015, British musician Ed Sheeran established a name for himself in Summer Bay by portraying one of Marilyn’s kids… who grew up to be none other than superstar Ed Sheeran!


“It’s a pillar of Australian culture. In my neighbourhood chip shop, it’s always on “At the time, Ed stated.

“I was invited to do it, and it sounded interesting.”

Scroll down to see our favourite Summer Bay celebrity cameos of all time…

Chris Hemsworth (2015)

Chris Hemsworth, the ex-H&A star, paid a visit to his old haunts after making it big in Hollywood. He posed for selfies with cast members, including Jessica Grace Smith, and filmed a cameo as an extra at the diner (see him in the background?) while on set.


John Farnham (1988)

Sally won tickets to see Farnsey, but was unable to attend due to chicken pox. Instead, Bobby and Frank went, and Farnsey paid a visit to Sally in the Bay after learning of her predicament. Keep an eye out for John’s cameo in the upcoming video!

Lleyton Hewitt (2005)

In two sequences with his now-wife Bec Hewitt, the Australian tennis champion stopped into the diner.

Lleyton Hewitt is getting set for his close-up!

Jessica Mauboy (2016)

At the Summer Grooves music festival, Australia’s sweetheart played herself in front of a crowd of ecstatic fans. The townfolk and she had no idea about the coming conflagration.


Atomic Kitten

This gets the prize for the most unexpected celebrity appearance! Atomic Kitten, a British female group, made a brief cameo on the show in 2001 for a special UK edition. The band gives Nick Smith directions after he gets lost on a busy London street in this episode.

Ed Sheeran (2015)

What do you do when you’re the world’s top pop star? Of course, you go to H&A.

Teddy, who travelled to the Bay to see his old nanny, Marilyn, was played by Ed. For the townfolk, he ended up playing his classic Thinking Out Loud.

Michael Palin (1996)

And now for something completely different: Michael from Monty Python acted as a surfer in one of the show’s episodes. Michael was in Australia filming a TV show at the time.

David ‘Kochie’ Koch

In 2007, the Sunrise host appeared on the show while drinking a beer at the Summer Bay surf club, and nailed his two-word phrase, “yep, sure.”

Sam Mac

When Kochie’s colleague, Sunrise weatherman Sam, was granted 45 extra lines of dialogue fourteen years later, he beat his word total. On the show, he played himself as the honorary guest of Martha’s black-tie art fundraiser for mental health.


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